Some recent pubs that were an unexpected treat

Some recent pubs that were an unexpected treat

After a hard Dryanuary I had a plan for February, had to be something booze related, so Febrewery, why not. It is not part of anyone else's organised plans and it's not for charity, it was my plan to go to twenty-nine different pubs in twenty-nine days. We're nearly half way through the month and I'm doing ok, though got some catching up to do at the weekend. I am visiting the same old haunts in parts (been to the Inn Doors too many times really and it's disrupting my plan, it's just too good to pass up) but I've sampled a few places that are completely new to me, including:

The Globe Inn, Hythe. This feels like a step back in time, a traditional old boozer. Was very quiet on my lunchtime visit, but warm as the fire was on. It's not a frozen historical pub either, there was a modern jukebox playing some Megadeth. I'm not normally a fan of Shepherd Neame but I had a nice Bishop's Finger. And a pint of beer, hoho.

The Red Cow, Folkestone. A family friendly boozer, no real ale.

The Royal Norfolk, Sandgate. OK not completely new to me, but I have not been in for a long time. I remembered it being a bit dark in there, but it's very bright and comfortable indeed. We played pool, and I'm keen to go again soon, except again there's no real ale.

I will be back with my full list of twenty-nine on my blog, though they will not all be local.

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Thu Feb 13 2020

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