Lots of rumours about The Famous Ship Inn, Sandgate

Lots of rumours about The Famous Ship Inn, Sandgate

The Ship in Sandgate has finally been sold! Or has it?

It's supposedly been up for sale for five years, and the repeated story was that they were asking nearly a million for the pub and restaurant only, not the accomodation. Also seemingly not included is the new bar + brewing bit next door as the room leased from someone else.

Now the story has changed, there is a new landlord in town. Collected rumours say his name is Darren, he used to be a bank manager. But has he bought it or not? A consistent story is that there is a six month trial, so is it only leased in this time?

I've not been in this year I don't think, but will report back what I hear...

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Mon Mar 09 2020

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