Chambers, Basement Business Premises, 98 Sandgate Road, Folkestone, (pub, real ale, restaurant)


Basement Business Premises, 98 Sandgate Road, Folkestone, 01303 223333

Real ales and ciders, music, and really good food... What more could you want from a pub? OK they used to have pool and darts too, I think they're gone permanently now. Also has a nice attached coffee shop with live music events. Food service is until 9pm on a Saturday night, and kids are welcome if they're eating.

Fantastic quiz once a month, and other events regularly. though they do most of their stuff on the facebook (I don't got facebook). Link back to here then!

Best bar in town.

rated 5.4 / 10.0 (20)

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As traditional as christmas itself (now that Chambers christmas day quiz is no longer on) [2009-12-26 2009]

瞿100 prize, great fun. Should be on about the first Sunday of the month. [2009-07-05 2009]

Surely some sort of St Patricks day event? See you there! [2006-03-17 2006]

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Corner of Sandgate Road and Cheriton Place

The big blue marker that has Chambers on marks the spot.

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Found some pubs nearby too:


Used to be the Sub Club. Opened about the time we moved to Folkestone, serendipitous or what?

More history etc in Tales From The Tap Room or more likely the later edition More Tales From The Tap Room, the excellent local pub history book by Martin Easdown and Eamonn Rooney...

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Cider fest on all weekend, can we make it..? [2017-08-26 2017]

On all over easter, am I going to miss it yet again..?

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The Chambers (@TheChambersBar) January 21, 2016

[2016-03-24 2016]

This looks like being my next night out, looking forward to the annual boxing day quiz at Chambers... get there early is my advice! [2014-12-24 2014]

Events on at all the galleries [2012-11-08 2012]

Live band, free entry, there's a video on the Chambers facebook page... [2012-06-14 2012]

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Chambers Folkestone Menu [Tue 27 December 2016]

Came 4th in the boxing day pub quiz [Tue 27 December 2016]

A whole day of linting [Fri 7 October 2016]

We didn't do badly at the Chambers Easter Ale Festival quiz [Mon 28 March 2016]

I am going to the Chambers Easter Ale festival [Sat 12 March 2016]

Seems like I can get along to Chambers beer festival for a bit [Wed 1 April 2015]

Chambers Easter Ales Festival on again - will I miss it again? [Thu 26 March 2015]

Now with added FSA hygiene ratings [Fri 14 November 2014]

Welcome to Open Mic Night @ The Chambers, on the second Friday of the month [Thu 12 June 2014]

Welcome to Open Mic Night @ The Chambers, which this month is a week earlier than usual [Wed 5 March 2014]

Open Mic at Chambers on Friday 14th [Tue 11 February 2014]

Just had thunder and lightning here [Sat 25 January 2014]

Open Mic Tonight Fri 10th Jan 8pm at The Chambers Folkestone [Fri 10 January 2014]

Best night out of the year [Wed 25 December 2013]

Chambers Easter Ales Festival 2013 [Wed 20 March 2013]

The chili challenge was a challenge [Sun 24 February 2013]

Chili challenge -2 days [Thu 21 February 2013]

Chilli Challenge [Wed 20 February 2013]

Nearly went to Googies today [Sat 19 January 2013]

Chambers boxing day quiz ruled [Thu 27 December 2012]

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