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Wye Blues & Beer Festival Withersdane Hall, Wye, Kent 08700 600100

Folkestone Beer Festival Beer festival details here on for 3 days, 26, 27th, and 28th of September 2014. From the people who brought you the Leas Lift beer festival. Dance Easy 21 The Bayle, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1SQ, UK [2014-09-26 2014]

Leas Lift Beer Festival It's BACK! If the Leas Lift is still open by then I suppose... Leas Lift Lower Sandgate Rd, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1, UK

The Leas Lift Beer Festival Bigger and BITTER! This time they have their own ale on sale. Free entry. Cider! Leas Lift Lower Sandgate Rd, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1, UK

Smallhythe Place's Music and Beer Festival V 20 real ales and 10 ciders, plus music and food. Festival bus service between Tenterden and Rye. Smallhythe Place Smallhythe, Kent [2011-09-03 2011]

Splinter Session Ring Venue To Book A Slot At Bridgestock Beer & Music Festival. 3pm Free [2011-08-27 2011]

Leas Lift Beer Festival Real ale and cider and live rugby somehow... see you there I hope! Leas Lift Lower Sandgate Rd, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1, UK

Silloth Beer & Music Festival 2010, Abba - The Tribute, 70s Disco Show Marquee The [2010-09-10 2010]

Silloth Beer & Music Festival 2010, After Midnight - Classic Clapton Marquee The [2010-09-09 2010]

Chambers Easter Ales Festival on again - will I miss it again? [Thursday 26 March 2015]

Folkestone beer festival starts today [Friday 26 September 2014]

Wine - The French - A largish country across the English Channel. Visable from Folkestone on a clear day. [Sunday 21 September 2014]

New micropub opens in Hythe today "The Potting Shed" [Thursday 18 September 2014]

Not really a beer festival at The Ship [Monday 25 August 2014]

Folkestone Beer Festival 26th September! [Friday 15 August 2014]

Weekend of colds [Sunday 22 September 2013]

Leas Lift beer festival next weekend [Wednesday 11 September 2013]

Beer festival good, chickenpox bad [Sunday 31 March 2013]

Chambers Easter Ales Festival 2013 [Wednesday 20 March 2013]

More local thrills [Sunday 10 March 2013]

I went in the Firkin Alehouse this week [Sunday 10 February 2013]

Leas Lift Beer Festival [Friday 2 November 2012]

Leas Lift beer festival [Friday 13 July 2012]

Lovely fathers day weekend [Sunday 17 June 2012]

CAMRA beer festival at Tenterden Station next weekend [Thursday 7 June 2012]

Chambers easter ales festival is on all next weekend [Saturday 31 March 2012]

Lovely weekend [Tuesday 27 September 2011]

Leas Lift beer and cider festival this weekend! [Friday 23 September 2011]

Another cracking day today [Thursday 21 April 2011]

Chambers beer and cider festival on all weekend! [Wednesday 20 April 2011]

Further news and reviews from the FIRST Leas Lift Beer Festival Sounds like there will be a second beer festival, in the summer! [Monday 28 February 2011]

Spectacular cider, man Leas Lift beer festival was good [Saturday 26 February 2011]

More on my famous friends [Friday 25 February 2011]

Leas Lift Beer Festival 25th and 26th Feb [Friday 18 February 2011]

Kent Life Beer and Hop Festival is on this weekend [Tuesday 7 September 2010]

RE: Strangely racist Beer Festival crowd [Tuesday 7 September 2010]

Taken a break from painting just a five minute breather while Clare gets more paint, I am not skiving [Saturday 28 August 2010]

Lots going on at the Cheesegrater over the bank holiday comedy and films and things [Tuesday 24 August 2010]

Strangely racist Beer Festival crowd OK, not actually racist. Very good beer festival though, two beery thumbs up. [Sunday 25 July 2010]

His Holiness? [Thursday 22 July 2010]

Anyone got a spare ticket for Kent beer festival? [Tuesday 20 July 2010]

Canterbury Beer Festival [Thursday 8 July 2010]

Chambers quiz on this weekend, but no beer festival! [Friday 30 April 2010]

Proof I did not spend the whole weekend indoors getting drunk Picture [Monday 5 April 2010]

Won a prize at the Chambers Beer Festival Quiz [Monday 5 April 2010]

Ah of course I can go to the pub this weekend Chambers beer festival and quiz! [Tuesday 30 March 2010]

Real Ale and Cider Festival at Tenterden Station [Wednesday 13 May 2009]

@pauly #m12481 To answer myself, just driven past especially, and YES Chambers Easter Festival is on this weekend! So going there tonight! [Saturday 11 April 2009]

Is Chambers Easter Ales festival on this year? Should I talk Clare into going there tomorrow? [Friday 10 April 2009]

Not Dover beer festival [Saturday 7 February 2009]

Beer festival at the Ship this weekend [Thursday 21 August 2008]

Beer festival on today in Dover [Friday 1 February 2008]

Canterbury beer festival this weekend [Tuesday 17 July 2007]

I think I've liked all the French films I've seen [Wednesday 19 April 2006]

That's the one [Wednesday 19 April 2006]

RE: The rest of the weekend [Wednesday 19 April 2006]

RE: The rest of the weekend [Tuesday 18 April 2006]

The rest of the weekend [Tuesday 18 April 2006]

Beer festival for the weekend! [Wednesday 12 April 2006]

Beer festival [Thursday 25 August 2005]

I retract this review [Monday 25 October 2004]

Shanel's Brasserie [Tuesday 31 August 2004]

Chambers Beer Festival [Sunday 22 August 2004]

Very nice [Wednesday 14 April 2004]

this is maggie's bay in all its splendour [Wednesday 14 April 2004]

No no fiddling [Wednesday 14 April 2004]

did u fiddle with my message? [Wednesday 14 April 2004]

No three eyed fish [Wednesday 14 April 2004]

RE: Dungeness [Wednesday 14 April 2004]

Dungeness [Tuesday 13 April 2004]

Chambers Beer Festival [Tuesday 13 April 2004]

Folkestone beer festival [Saturday 10 April 2004]

Chambers Beer Festival [Monday 29 March 2004]

Win AC/DC tickets Club Beer have a couple of festival tickets to dish out... [Saturday 19 May 2001]

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