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Withersdane Hall, Wye, Kent 08700 600100

Two day beer festival! I'm going both days... Ashcroft Arts Centre, Osborn Road, Fareham, PO16 7DX [2016-06-25 2016]

Two day beer festival! Ashcroft Arts Centre, Osborn Road, Fareham, PO16 7DX [2016-06-24 2016]

On for 3 days, 1pm - 11pm, free entry! 21 The Bayle, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1SQ, UK [2015-09-11 2015]

It's moved to the harbour arm now! Details
On 11th - 13th September 2015.
Folkestone Harbour, Folkestone, Kent [2015-09-10 2015]

Beer festival details here on for 3 days, 26, 27th, and 28th of September 2014. From the people who brought you the Leas Lift beer festival. 21 The Bayle, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1SQ, UK [2014-09-26 2014]

Cool we are going to Canterbury Beer Festival

There is a coach running from Chambers in Folkestone.

Thursday night beer festival I did go to the Chambers Easter Ales Festival in the end, and it was good. Was working from... [Tue 3 April 2018]

Why not come along with the family and check out our Dark and Fruity Beers Bar? Nice idea Kent Beer Festival , but I'm not sure my family like dark and fruity beers quite as... [Fri 23 June 2017]

Beer festival was good Loads of choice of beer and cider , I got a plum porter which was ace, then moved on to rum... [Mon 15 May 2017]

Afternoon in the sun at the Still and West I have never been to the Still and West before. No-one could believe this, everyone has been... [Mon 15 May 2017]

Back to the Old Customs House in a roundabout way The RIB back was even livelier than the way there. The pilot had got the measure of the party... [Mon 15 May 2017]

Drinks at the Fountain (Cowes) Not the pub of that name near us, but the first pub we came to on the Isle of Wight . Had a... [Mon 15 May 2017]

Did the RIB ride as mentioned Had planned not to do the notastagdo RIB ride as it made the numbers better if a couple... [Mon 15 May 2017]

#notastagdo weekend was awesome Obviously what happens on a notastagdo stays on a notastagdo . But as a group of now middle... [Mon 15 May 2017]

Lovely lunch Sunday Nice relaxed family lunch on Sunday. Shame not to have Clare there but she was working all... [Mon 8 May 2017]

Saturday night pub: The Cob and Pen I think I remember going to the Cob and Pen once before, on our way to the Frog and Frigate... [Mon 8 May 2017]

Extreme Robots was ace [Mon 8 May 2017]

Our now traditional trip to the Seagull on Friday night Didn't have a bad run down really, picked up number one son from school and headed straight off.... [Mon 8 May 2017]

Awesome weekend Lots to eat, two pubs, and Extreme Robots , a great weekend. [Sun 7 May 2017]

Pay day tomorrow And any profit share has already been spent in advance on luxuries like a plumber ... it comes... [Thu 27 April 2017]

Bank holiday pub crawl 3 (or was it 2) Bathtub and Gunn Took a walk down to the Harbour Arm , or rather I dragged my buddy down there. He was tired, had... [Mon 24 April 2017]

Bank holiday pub crawl 2 (or was it three) Kipps My first of two trips to Kipps in a week, enjoyable place to sit and chat, I had a paddle of... [Mon 24 April 2017]

Bank holiday pub crawl 1) Chambers Easter Ales Fest Had some DFL friends in town so the one who was not breastfeeding came out to the pub with me... [Mon 24 April 2017]

I didn't spend the whole bank holiday in the pub, but I did get in three more pubs that I have not mentioned yet, I will report back individually... [Tue 18 April 2017]

There's a whole extra day to write up yet A full Sunday of shopping and eating and pubbing, I'll be back with that. [Tue 4 April 2017]

Sean Lock very funny Comedy was great, better than I expected. We had a support, wasn't sure if there would be, it was... [Tue 4 April 2017]

Saturday tea; Wagamama Just remembered Clare saw Martin Rossiter while we were walking through Brighton. Remembered... [Tue 4 April 2017]

Second pub of Saturday? The Bath Arms We mooched round shops inbetween as we also went in The Bath Arms - they had a lot of barrels... [Tue 4 April 2017]

First pub of the weekend? The Office We walked back to the station with Mum and Dad and the boys and saw them onto their train then... [Tue 4 April 2017]

Saturday lunch: Harvester We had lunch in a Harvester , as it suited everyone's requirements and was close to where we... [Tue 4 April 2017]

Awesome Brighton weekender Fitted so much in to our weekend in Brighton, that was all geared around a Sean Lock show at... [Tue 4 April 2017]

Last pub of the weekend: The Ice Wharf There was a humungous Wetherspoons right by our hotel. Not like other Wetherspoons , quite a... [Wed 8 February 2017]

Pub five of the weekend: The Queen's After the Hawley Arms I took a stroll up towards Chalk Farm . Clare had already told me the... [Wed 8 February 2017]

Pub, uh, four of the weekend? The Hawley Arms We went back to the hotel after dinner and put the boys to bed again. Actually Clare went off for... [Wed 8 February 2017]

Early dinner at Zizzi We museumed our way through lunch, but didn't really plan to stop for dinner quite so early. We... [Mon 6 February 2017]

London Transport museum was good Had some two for one tickets, but forgot to bring our train tickets with us that we needed to... [Mon 6 February 2017]

Caffe Nero This was the scene of the crime as it turns out... Just seen the Lego Disco Batman sets that we... [Mon 6 February 2017]

Lego store is ace We didnt' tell the boys far in advance that we were going to the new Lego shop in Leicester... [Mon 6 February 2017]

Great weekend in London: day two Lots of things to say, so posting day two of our Great weekend in London separately. As ever I... [Mon 6 February 2017]

That Alan Davies warm up was at Ashcroft Arts Centre That's a good little venue, I enjoyed their beer festival , will try and go to the next one. I... [Sun 28 August 2016]

Beer festival weekend Full and busy weekend, two days at the Beer Festival at Ashcroft Arts Centre, great to catch up... [Mon 27 June 2016]

Some updates from slack These days I post most of my thoughts on Slack instead of here, we have a channel there with a... [Sat 28 May 2016]

Takeaway curry disaster from Cheriton Balti Clare and Emma ordered the food while Jeff and I were on the way back from the pub, and when... [Mon 28 March 2016]

We didn't do badly at the Chambers Easter Ale Festival quiz Not a bad performance, we were just a team of two for the quiz at Chambers , Jeff and I, and... [Mon 28 March 2016]

I am going to the Chambers Easter Ale festival Result, I'm off to the beer festival at Chambers over easter. Not sure which day yet but... [Sat 12 March 2016]

And we're off to Center Parcs Not now, but next holidays we're going to Center Parcs (which I keep spelling Centerparcs or... [Sat 23 January 2016]

Actually not Copper and Spices, we're going to Everest now [Thu 10 September 2015]

Day TEN of not not drinking Still actually not drinking , surely knocking it on the head tomorrow though. Doesn't look like... [Thu 10 September 2015]

Folkestone Beer festival can take card payments! One of the hiccups of the Harbour Arm opening weekend, for me anyway, was the lack of being able... [Thu 10 September 2015]

Day NINE of not not drinking And still not drinking. Until Friday probably. When I might try and race to the beer festival... [Wed 9 September 2015]

Folkestone beer festival has moved to the Harbour Arm Aargh, another nail in my not drinking coffin, of course the beer festival is on this... [Tue 8 September 2015]

Did we go dancing next? I seem to think there was dancing. Did we go back to the Foundry ? Possibly. Had a good time... [Tue 28 July 2015]

After dinner wine flights back at the Shakespeare Think we just went back to the Shakespeare next. Confusing sort of place, did not seem to be the... [Tue 28 July 2015]

Fantastic dinner at Il Posticino So glad we looked slightly further afield for dinner, Il Posticino was fantastic. Slightly... [Tue 28 July 2015]

Stop five, though really only stop three, The Old Buttermarket Actually sat down with friends here, outside, nice. Jug of Pimms, some beer, some nuts, catch up,... [Tue 28 July 2015]

Attempted stop four, La Trappiste Looking for somewhere different to meet we thought about La Trappiste, seemed nice. Too much... [Tue 28 July 2015]

Third time lucky, The Foundry That's more like it! Hmm just tried to post this and lost it, ah well. Great beer in the... [Tue 28 July 2015]

Next stop The City Arms I looked in, bustled past the rowdy crowd of smokers at the door, and again didn't really fancy... [Tue 28 July 2015]

First stop The Shakespeare Clare wanted to do half hours shopping so I thought I'd check out The Shakespeare. We were... [Tue 28 July 2015]

Good birthday night out! Lovely to have Mum and Dad visit for the weekend, they made it in about four hours because of... [Tue 28 July 2015]

Pub review: The Crown (slight return) After we got kicked out of the Golden Lion (not for being rowdy, just for still being there at... [Tue 7 April 2015]

Pub review: The Golden Lion After a cheeky Nando's we headed to the main pub of the evening the Golden Lion. It seems like... [Tue 7 April 2015]

Pub review: The Crown For mine and Andy's big night out we met up in The Crown , bottom of Fareham High Street. This... [Tue 7 April 2015]

Catgate is resolved Totally Macgyver ed my way into the house... [Mon 6 April 2015]

Catgate Splendid long weekend and everything so far, except for one thing... First the good bits,... [Mon 6 April 2015]

Seems like I can get along to Chambers beer festival for a bit Clare just suggested I head along to Folkestone for a bit tomorrow night, nice one! The beer... [Wed 1 April 2015]

Chambers Easter Ales Festival on again - will I miss it again? Unless I can sneak in on the Friday for a bit I might miss this, I am away at Easter :-(... [Thu 26 March 2015]

Folkestone beer festival starts today And Clare said it was OK for me to go out! But, I'm a bit tired and it's a bit dark and gloomy... [Fri 26 September 2014]

Wine - The French - A largish country across the English Channel. Visable from Folkestone on a clear day. Tasting notes from Folkestone Beer Festival , still some gaps to be filled I think. [Sun 21 September 2014]

New micropub opens in Hythe today "The Potting Shed" Being opened by the people, sounds great. Opening today at 6.30, but I'm at... [Thu 18 September 2014]

Not really a beer festival at The Ship Went for a walk yesterday afternoon, which took us by Sandgate , where the Sea Festival thing... [Mon 25 August 2014]

Folkestone Beer Festival 26th September! It's at Dance Easy on The Bayle , no me either. By the people who did the Leas Lift beer... [Fri 15 August 2014]

Jealous Nick Helm is appearing in Winchester this week, and Alan Davies just did a warmup in... [Mon 10 February 2014]

Weekend of colds Everyone has a cold, so a bit of a tiring weekend. I had my lie-in yesterday morning, that was... [Sun 22 September 2013]

Leas Lift beer festival next weekend Follow @leasliftbeer for more info 20th - 22nd September! I like the stop motion animation on... [Wed 11 September 2013]

Beer festival good, chickenpox bad Number two son has chickenpox now. Catching it so young means he'll probably get it again next... [Sun 31 March 2013]

Chambers Easter Ales Festival 2013 Going to this, looking forward to it! From March 2013 [Wed 20 March 2013]

More local thrills As you will know I never go out these days but there are a couple of local excitements coming up,... [Sun 10 March 2013]

I went in the Firkin Alehouse this week Had the car MOT'd during the week off and while I was waiting for it I tried to go to Beano's... [Sun 10 February 2013]

Leas Lift Beer Festival It's back in March, see - assuming the leas lift has not been... [Fri 2 November 2012]

Leas Lift beer festival It's back on over our birthday weekend, I hope to get down to the Leas Lift for a pint or two,... [Fri 13 July 2012]

Lovely fathers day weekend I had a fathers day treat yesterday, a trip to K&ESR Beer Festival in Tenterden . We checked... [Sun 17 June 2012]

CAMRA beer festival at Tenterden Station next weekend Woohoo Clare has just pointed out this , and that it's fathers day weekend, and that she will... [Thu 7 June 2012]

Chambers easter ales festival is on all next weekend Lots of real ale and cider and a quiz on the Sunday night too. Hope we can get a babysitter... [Sat 31 March 2012]

Lovely weekend THAT'S how busy it is, Tuesday lunchtime before I get round to thinking about what a lovely... [Tue 27 September 2011]

Leas Lift beer and cider festival this weekend! Starts tonight, free entry, 90p for the lift but take your CAMRA card and you ride for free. If... [Fri 23 September 2011]

Another cracking day today Must stop reusing the phrase cracking day , but the weather is looking really good for our four... [Thu 21 April 2011]

Chambers beer and cider festival on all weekend! This is one of the highlights of my year, I'm sorry that I can't be there for more of it but I'll... [Wed 20 April 2011]

Further news and reviews from the FIRST Leas Lift Beer Festival Sounds like there will be a second beer festival, in the summer! [Mon 28 February 2011]

Spectacular cider, man Leas Lift beer festival was good [Sat 26 February 2011]

More on my famous friends Further to the my celebrity lifestyle post the other day, I know someone in this 3am feature .... [Fri 25 February 2011]

Leas Lift Beer Festival 25th and 26th Feb Nearly missed this one: THE LEAS LIFT BEER FESTIVAL Live Six Nations Rugby Abigale... [Fri 18 February 2011]

Kent Life Beer and Hop Festival is on this weekend Kent Life Beer and Hop Festival is on this weekend, enjoy if you are going! [Tue 7 September 2010]

RE: Strangely racist Beer Festival crowd Hi Paul, There's the Kent Life Beer and Hops Fest this weekend in maidstone. NO fancydress and... [Tue 7 September 2010]

Taken a break from painting just a five minute breather while Clare gets more paint, I am not skiving [Sat 28 August 2010]

Lots going on at the Cheesegrater over the bank holiday comedy and films and things [Tue 24 August 2010]

Strangely racist Beer Festival crowd OK, not actually racist. Very good beer festival though, two beery thumbs up. [Sun 25 July 2010]

His Holiness? Just saw a reverend sign and buy a product for a thing I am working on, I am not sure if they're... [Thu 22 July 2010]

Anyone got a spare ticket for Kent beer festival? Do you have a spare ticket to Canterbury beer festival? @jodiedoubleday needs one, get in touch... [Tue 20 July 2010]

Canterbury Beer Festival COOL, there is a bus running from Chambers to Canterbury Beer Festival, and we are going, Clare... [Thu 8 July 2010]

Chambers quiz on this weekend, but no beer festival! that was last month, I sent out the wrong thing in the weekly mailout :-( [Fri 30 April 2010]

Proof I did not spend the whole weekend indoors getting drunk Picture [Mon 5 April 2010]

Won a prize at the Chambers Beer Festival Quiz Really not worth ebaying it though ... very generous big up though for the 'gerald , thank you.... [Mon 5 April 2010]

Ah of course I can go to the pub this weekend Chambers beer festival and quiz! [Tue 30 March 2010]

Real Ale and Cider Festival at Tenterden Station 27th June, bands and morris dancing , details on [Wed 13 May 2009]

@pauly #m12481 To answer myself, just driven past especially, and YES Chambers Easter Festival is on this weekend! So going there tonight! @pauly m12481 --> To answer myself, just driven past especially, and YES Chambers Easter... [Sat 11 April 2009]

Is Chambers Easter Ales festival on this year? Should I talk Clare into going there tomorrow? [Fri 10 April 2009]

Not Dover beer festival Tried to go to the winter ales festival in Dover last night, but failed. Couldn't get there early... [Sat 7 February 2009]

Beer festival at the Ship this weekend See you there all weekend! Looking forward to this a lot. Going to try out the quiz for the... [Thu 21 August 2008]

Beer festival on today in Dover Mmmm, beer festival , at the town hall, starts today but is also on tomorrow, hope there's some... [Fri 1 February 2008]

Canterbury beer festival this weekend And I am in Canterbury anyway! Unfortunately [gmap=CT4 7BA]it's a little way out of the... [Tue 17 July 2007]

I think I've liked all the French films I've seen All three of them... I'm going to perk my French up a bit so I can watch more. [Wed 19 April 2006]

That's the one Maybe it's more of a boys film then? There is a remake of it, where the lead guy seems to have... [Wed 19 April 2006]

RE: The rest of the weekend that's the one where he does a loop on a scooter right? yeah that's an ace film! [Wed 19 April 2006]

RE: The rest of the weekend I liked Taxi too, saw it last Christmas along with its imaginatively titled sequel Taxi 2. A bit... [Tue 18 April 2006]

The rest of the weekend Far too much eating and drinking the rest of the weekend too, it's almost good to be back at... [Tue 18 April 2006]

Beer festival for the weekend! Chambers hosts it's Easter Ales festival this weekend, running from Thursday to Monday. Twelve... [Wed 12 April 2006]

Beer festival Is there one this weekend? Beer in the evening has nothing, and Chambers seems to be quite in... [Thu 25 August 2005]

I retract this review It was rubbish this weekend, has it changed hands again? [Mon 25 October 2004]

Shanel's Brasserie Delighted to see that a phoenix has risen from the flames of Kapetan Michales , and it's not a... [Tue 31 August 2004]

Chambers Beer Festival There's another beer festival at Chambers over the bank holiday weekend, ace! The last one in... [Sun 22 August 2004]

Very nice [Wed 14 April 2004]

this is maggie's bay in all its splendour oooh, the excitement [Wed 14 April 2004]

No no fiddling and not been to St Margaret's Bay or St Mary's Bay , though I think they were both mentioned... [Wed 14 April 2004]

did u fiddle with my message? there's something different about it. have you been to st margaret's bay? i remember being a... [Wed 14 April 2004]

No three eyed fish Dungeness was cool I thought, very peaceful and spacious. Whether that's because the only... [Wed 14 April 2004]

RE: Dungeness's been ages since ive been there. did u see any three eyed fish down dungeness? it's one... [Wed 14 April 2004]

Dungeness Apart from Chambers Beer Festival and Kapetan Michales (reviewed and to be reviewed on... [Tue 13 April 2004]

Chambers Beer Festival The Chambers "Easter Ales" Beer Festival was a raging success, from the first day to the... [Tue 13 April 2004]

Folkestone beer festival Beer festival was ACE! Done nearly half of all the beers on sale. [Sat 10 April 2004]

Chambers Beer Festival Folkestone's finest boozatorium, The Chambers is holding an "Easter Ales Festival" over the... [Mon 29 March 2004]

Win AC/DC tickets Club Beer have a couple of festival tickets to dish out... [Sat 19 May 2001]

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