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Food and "food" related things, including venues, pubs, gigs and posts about food.If you have anything to offer concerning food that I have not covered here, Please do contribute. Particularly if you have anything to contribute regarding my family tree, local pubs or other places, home automation food experiments, home brew, ale, or cider. Thank you.

Public House, 26 Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth, PO1 2DD

The Street, Brabourne, Kent, TN25 5LP 01303 813334

43 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent CT20

Fiddling Lane, Brabourne, Kent, TN25 6AP 01303 812 182

Clarendon Inn, Brewers Hill, Sandgate, CT20 3DH 01303 248684

158 Hemingford Road, London N1 1DF

Rhee Wall Road, Snargate, Kent, TN29 9UQ 01303 263900

Beach Street, Deal, Kent, CT14 6JD

Sandwich Road, Waldershare, Kent, CT15 5AU 01304 821630

40 West St, Fareham, Hampshire PO16 0JW 01329 235669

14 King Street, Deal, Kent, CT14 6HX

161-165 Greenwich High Road, London, , SE10 8JA

Food and cider fest at this ace venue, cleverly not at the bank holiday weekend like everyone else... Unit 1, Riverside Industrial Estate, West Hythe Road, CT21 4NB [2071-09-09 2071]

Live music from Cultured Pearl, The Black Sheep, and The Elbeats. All day barbecue, local foods and Kentish ciders.
This is too close to my house not to go to... on Saturday and Sunday of the bank holiday weekend.
171 Seabrook Road, Hythe, Kent, CT21 5RT 01303 239024 [2015-05-23 2015]

I remember Dom writing this stream of unconciousness drivel Quite drunk after a night out one time! [Thu 3 September 2015]

Vegetarian / vegan supper club at Follies 22nd March @crusteaten got in touch the next supper club is going to go vegan ! Well at least partly.... [Fri 30 January 2015]

RE: gay bars in folkestone kent royal norfolk, just saturdays [Sun 21 February 2010]

RE: This BBC page has some Hi, I am coming down on a coach trip on 4th July and would love to have a night amongst gay... [Sat 28 June 2008]

Canterbury, yesterday Went to Canterbury yesterday, ate lunch, came home. That was about it really. Got some Thai... [Sun 8 June 2008]

Might be too late, thanks for the offer of help with Coolinge Road though not sure "Stunt Girl" has been back to the site since that day... Still anyone searching for... [Tue 20 November 2007]

RE: Yes, moved here (to Folkestone) full time back in April hi there, i live in coolinge road, if you still want to know what it's like i am happy to help.... [Tue 20 November 2007]

I don't really know Coolinge Road The location is handy for the station and for town and things though by the looks, I'm sure it's... [Thu 20 September 2007]

RE: Yes, moved here (to Folkestone) full time back in April Hello, my husband and I are moving down to Folkestone and looking for a house- wondered what your... [Tue 18 September 2007]

some xsl links Just moving between one computer and another where I can't access my email! Intro to XSL XSL... [Thu 31 August 2006]

Oof, bum arse service in The Jackdaw Just been to The Jackdaw for lunch, and though the food was great again (one Indonesian vegetable... [Sun 16 April 2006]

RE: Escondido Been to Paul's reently? Whaddya think?? See my comments on some linked webwsite (! It's very... [Sun 16 April 2006]

Bayraider [Tue 7 March 2006]

PlotBlog Nothing but a bunch of hoes, it's Stu's allotment blog , gone live today. Good luck mate! Just... [Mon 6 March 2006]

RE: Spooky... that was a year or two earlier and surprisingly it wasnt and it just turned out to be a proper... [Sat 4 March 2006]

Spooky... At the time of these accusations that I ignored, didn't someone also tell me Bono was playing popex? [Thu 2 March 2006]

Mine's so common I've met people with the same name I'm fairly often in Private Eye, and there was him off Big Brother too. [Thu 2 March 2006]

RE: Yes, looks like Dinger god i KNEW it. i knew it because he was too good to be true. a group of us were very good but he... [Thu 2 March 2006]

RE: Hello stranger! I am apparently the only one of me in the whole of the UK. Which is good, in some ways (hurrah!... [Thu 2 March 2006]

Yes, looks like Dinger It's not a very large number though, possibly five accounts. There's one other person registered... [Thu 2 March 2006]

RE: Yes, please come back :-( which user(s) was it?? was it dinger? i thought there was at least one person who had systematic... [Wed 1 March 2006]

Yes, please come back :-( I was just giving the benefit of the doubt, as there was only circumstancial evidence of this,... [Wed 1 March 2006]

RE: Lovely day today how was the cheating going on? we were telling you about cheating for YEARS and you thought we... [Wed 1 March 2006]

Hello stranger! I feel sure you are many magnitudes more unique than me, though I can't remember your surname...... [Wed 1 March 2006]

RE: Lovely day today Have you ever tried using this? [Wed 1 March 2006]

Lovely day today Super bright on leaving Folkestone, just so sunny as to be unreal. Very cold though, and only... [Wed 1 March 2006]

Didn't Sandgate + Folkestone look nice on TV last night? You'd not have known they went to Folkestone harbour, but Sandgate is all part of our Kentish... [Wed 1 March 2006]

Excellent, cheers! A follow up to the original Darksided . [Mon 27 February 2006]

RE: Fareham makes the national news again off topic, but... Have you seen the new darksided movie with Marguerite Perrin unloading on Bush... [Mon 27 February 2006]

RE: Escondido A very pleasant restaurant with great service and very very nice food. I have told everyone about... [Sun 26 February 2006]

RE: Fareham makes the national news again I saw the Babyshambles on Friday and Pete actually performed quite well, no signs of the... [Sun 26 February 2006]

Fareham makes the national news again From the Daily Mirror : BAY City Rollers star Les McKeown was booed and heckled by angry fans... [Fri 24 February 2006]

RE: gay bars in folkestone kent The Skuba Bar on the Folkestone Lees, is a must, it is very gay orientated and the owners and... [Tue 14 February 2006]

Lunch at the Jackdaw - slight return Went BACK to the Jackdaw this weekend, there's a bus from Folkestone goes straight there, of... [Mon 13 February 2006]

And we did return to Escondido And it was good again... still popular, as we could only be squeezed in for a table at nearly... [Mon 30 January 2006]

Organic food deliveries in Folkestone Got a brocher through the door from Abel Cole , a mixed box of organic veg for a tenner a week,... [Mon 23 January 2006]

Don't know if you saw it on popbitch Bottoms has reopened, I think it's a gay bar now though. [Fri 20 January 2006]

RE: Cheers for chipping in The last time I went it was a weird hotel bar/restaurant thing - this was years ago and I've... [Fri 20 January 2006]

Cheers for chipping in Yes we went to the Clarendon again this weekend, just briefly though. There were rumours of it... [Fri 20 January 2006]

RE: Clarendon Inn hello pauly, the clarendon is one of the best Folkestone/environs pubs. In my youth c. 1992-1994... [Thu 19 January 2006]

ah, usted habla Espa隳l It's not tapas, but it is kind of Mexican. We didn't have anything particularly Mexican though.... [Mon 16 January 2006]

RE: Escondido A restaurant called "Hidden"? What was hidden about it? I take it they sold tapas? [Mon 16 January 2006]

Escondido Went to newish restaurant in Sandgate yesterday, Escondido and it's not bad at all! I'd got... [Sun 15 January 2006]

Escondido review Don't know how we got the impression this place wasn't going to be good, it was very nice indeed.... [Sun 15 January 2006]

So what you doing for New Years Eve? Now we're into the final furlong, New Years Eve is showing up on the front page calendar... and... [Thu 1 December 2005]

Unfortunately not, the nearest one's probably Canterbury Folkestone is progressing though, we've got a Subway now, opening this week. Hmm, is this a good... [Wed 16 November 2005]

RE: More furniture They haven't gone and got a Pizza Express in old folky have they?? [Tue 15 November 2005]

More furniture There's another bit of the furniture we've been buying gone up on ebay :... [Tue 15 November 2005]

The Bufftings take London (again) Folkestone's own The Bufftings play Kings Cross Water Rats tomorrow (Saturday 5th November),... [Fri 4 November 2005]

La Vue Halloween Party Missive from La Vue: We Have a great Halloween party on the 29th October it's a Saturday. It's... [Wed 12 October 2005]

Ladies, in their pants There's a PANTS FASHION SHOW at La Vue this weekend, on Friday and Saturday night. Lotti's... [Wed 12 October 2005]

RE: Not a very relaxing weekend then i expect you to put in a bit of practise for my next visit, beating you was way too easy... [Mon 26 September 2005]

Not a very relaxing weekend then Friday we had long lost flatmate Emma visiting, and we played darts and drank booze - don't... [Mon 26 September 2005]

Wagamama is on Longmarket, near the Cathedral Nando's is down the other end, St Peter's Street... there's TONNES of choice in Canterbury.... [Tue 30 August 2005]

where is wagas in canterbury? and where is nandos? where have all these restaurants sprung up from? back in the... [Tue 30 August 2005]

Bank holiday WEEKENDER! Stop panicking everyone, I'm back, reporting on updates of the weekend... Quite literally THREE... [Tue 30 August 2005]

Beer festival Is there one this weekend? Beer in the evening has nothing, and Chambers seems to be quite in... [Thu 25 August 2005]

Not a strip club There's a half page story in The Folkestone Herald this week about how there's NOT going to be... [Mon 22 August 2005]

Yes, moved here (to Folkestone) full time back in April Have been in that cafe, it is nice, I didn't realise the Stoke Newington connection, I will call... [Sun 21 August 2005]

Decent places to get a coffee Again a bit late... Yep Folkestone is crap for bars and cafes. Also, the Quarter ceased in August... [Sun 21 August 2005]

Lunch at the Jackdaw Had been meaning to try out the Jackdaw for a good while, we pass through Denton every time we go... [Fri 19 August 2005]

Bad experience aswell We stopped off at The Ship Inn, Dymchurch on our way home from a lovely dayout and we had our two... [Fri 12 August 2005]

Looking forward to it It's being videoed, maybe I will watch it today. Maybe I'll make you watch it again. [Thu 11 August 2005]

Thanks mate! [Thu 11 August 2005]

Mine's a large one No whiskey depth charges for you in Chambers [Wed 10 August 2005]

Lost Just watched the first half of that Lost pilot and seems GREAT so far. Air crashes really freak... [Wed 10 August 2005]

Just wanted to jump on and wish you all the best for the big day! I've sure you'll look lovely in white.......

Just wanted to jump on and wish you all the best for the big day! I've sure you'll look lovely in... [Wed 10 August 2005]

My last working day as a single man Snoozed all the way in today, though couldn't get properly comfortable. Started reading Dublin... [Wed 10 August 2005]

Neroli gig Hi there, Please could you post details of our next gig on your site, details as follows: Band:... [Mon 11 July 2005]

It's on there don't fret It's under Sandgate though, and not Folkestone... That's a good point though, when you pick... [Mon 27 June 2005]

Gate 28 Come, come Pauly you must have Gate 28 on the list surely although not a pub as such it does... [Mon 27 June 2005]

Folkestone Pubs Ah never mind other sites, check out my very own list of Folkstone pubs , or search by criteria... [Mon 27 June 2005]

P I A N O M E N U So farewell then Richard Whiteley . I wouldn't have thought this was front page lead story on... [Mon 27 June 2005]

Wireless Got TWO computers fired up wirelessly at home now, things are going well! I've done my chores for... [Sat 25 June 2005]

So The Quarter is gone then Not the actual creative quarter , just the free magazine , according to a story in this week's... [Fri 17 June 2005]

gig info - please add to listings Hi there, Please could you add our gig info to your listings on the website as follows: band:... [Wed 8 June 2005]

La Bamba reopening as Truffles The curse of me strikes again, a good reliable Mexican restaurant La Bamba has closed, and is... [Sun 5 June 2005]

I did know that Only because it came up in a pub quiz a couple of months back; Clare knew it, I talked her out... [Tue 31 May 2005]

BTW did you know that "Dirty Old Town" was about Salford. learnt that in a bar called "Maggie o'Brien's when we were in Spain BTW did you know that "Dirty Old Town" was about Salford. learnt that in a bar called "Maggie... [Tue 31 May 2005]

Headline? ...The Irish Rover? *ouch* [Tue 31 May 2005]

Damn I had a really good headline in mind for this SO, went to Ireland at the weekend, and it was very nice! Here will follow my little review of... [Tue 31 May 2005]

RE: Clarendon Inn tried to have lunch there this (May) bank holiday. Despite getting there 5 minutes before the... [Wed 4 May 2005]

Haha, cheers Jacob You realise that message was originally posted last year, and not this year? Glad that you check... [Thu 28 April 2005]

RE: Stoke Newington by the sea Sorry I realise this is a bit old now but I'm just writing to reassure you that not only does... [Thu 28 April 2005]

Wagamama There's a Wagamama opening in Canterbury, opens on the 5th of May, though they're doing preview... [Mon 25 April 2005]

Sugarmilk I saw Sugarmilk on Saturday night at The Happy Frenchman , and wasn't really impressed. The... [Mon 25 April 2005]

Rodney Hylton-Potts Folkestone [Mon 18 April 2005]

Rodney Hylton-Potts Bumped into independent right wing game show winning candidate Rodney Hylton-Potts on Saturday... [Mon 18 April 2005]

Speed Dating @ La Vue can't wait for this speed dating on the the 20th of this month and robbie williams look alike and... [Tue 12 April 2005]

Cheers! Maybe we will give it another go... The chutney experience is not a nice one, happened to me the... [Mon 4 April 2005]

In defence of Hmmm... maybe you got them on a bad night. It can be quiet, and that combined with the fact that... [Sat 2 April 2005]

Mildreds Went to Mildreds last night, a vegetarian cafe restaurant thing, in Soho. And it was ace! So... [Thu 31 March 2005]

Mildreds Haven't had a restaurant review here in a while, so instead I will plug where I am going tonight... [Wed 30 March 2005]

Chambers Easter Ales Festival Chambers in assocation with The Ship Inn present their Easter Ales festival this weekend!... [Wed 23 March 2005]

Here's a more positive review Waitrose got a lot more out of The India than we did... Read their review . [Mon 21 March 2005]

Food & Smoking in Italy I am afraid those tourists who only find Pasta or Pizza in Italy are walking into the easy... [Sun 20 March 2005]

Bad Curry Went to Eastern Nights on Saturday evening, at the top of the Old High Street for a curry, as it... [Mon 7 March 2005]

Mark Frith Phoenix Theatre bar [Fri 28 January 2005]

Indie nights at La Vue? Word on the street is that one of the club nights from Chambers will be starting up in the huge... [Tue 25 January 2005]

Does anyone realise you're not an Australian? They thought we were americans actually, which I was most offended by. considering I will be... [Tue 25 January 2005]

Sounds like SF is going to be great for eating We've decided on a tour of San Francisco, LA, Monterrey and (I think) Santa Barbara. Should be... [Mon 24 January 2005]

Clarendon Inn Glad we made the effort to visit this place, after reading about it in More Tales from the Tap... [Mon 24 January 2005]

"Florence was OK, they had a Mr Kebab" Does anyone realise you're not an Australian? [Mon 24 January 2005]

you wanna avoid italy then giday just returned from our xmas vacation in europe whic involved a stay in italy, and a long... [Mon 24 January 2005]

We found the fabbest Indian in SF, loads of veggie options, I thought I had died and gone to heaven, we even got a free bottle of wine by rea...
We found the fabbest Indian in SF, loads of veggie options, I thought I had died and gone to... [Sun 23 January 2005]

Vegetarian and vegan cuisine isn't just for protesters anymore So says ... we've picked our honeymoon now, and it will involve a stop in San... [Sun 23 January 2005]

La Vue Popped into La Vue thought it was very good, liked the decor and will certainly be returning.... [Sat 22 January 2005]

Shanel's Brasserie To Whom It May Concern, I have no idea who it is that does the write up on resteraunts on your... [Fri 21 January 2005]

You have to come up with an idea then it has to become popular, then you have to cash in on it at the right time. Easy eh? Best if... [Tue 18 January 2005]

well not much really - been fairly busy at work in the world of law. been doing lots of commercial... [Tue 18 January 2005]

It's so nice to have someone interested! No objections to the scaffolding, I wrote a letter to the other people in the block, one of them... [Tue 18 January 2005]

weddings evening pauly. so have you sorted much out for your WEDDING yet? have you considered letting... [Mon 17 January 2005]

UK Radio Aid "Today is the most extraordinary day ever in radio. Every commercial station in the UK is... [Mon 17 January 2005]

We go out in the week, but not late What time you on? And be honest! [Tue 4 January 2005]

The fansites are a bit crawly But IMDB says drug overdose , I read somewhere else it was a heroin overdose. I wonder if they... [Tue 4 January 2005]

absolutely yes, we are mad, we are The Fighting Cocks and WE GO OUT IN THE WEEK! see ya down there ma nizzle [Tue 4 January 2005]

Expose Club = Penny Theatre From today's discussion on : PuddingMushroom says "I think they played the Penny... [Tue 4 January 2005]

Expose Club Looking for details of the Expose Club, Canterbury ... Radiohead played there, if the many... [Tue 4 January 2005]

On Glenn Quinn, I wonder what he died of. All the website says is "Out of respect for Glenn and his family, cause of death, once determined, will r... On Glenn Quinn, I wonder what he died of. All the website says is "Out of respect for Glenn and... [Tue 4 January 2005]

St Pancras to open in 2007 According to this Article in The Times ... The three additional platforms to the east are... [Tue 4 January 2005]

Cheers, and to you [Tue 4 January 2005]

At The Eye? Why couldn't it be at the weekend, I am around this weekend... going out in the week this early... [Tue 4 January 2005]

just wanted to say happy new year and ting. [Tue 4 January 2005]

thursday!!!! laura ashley??? you HOM!!! come to our gig at the eye on the 8th INNIT!!!!! it's free!!!!!!!!!! [Mon 3 January 2005]

Christmas roundup Had a GREAT Christmas break in Folkestone, quite a lot of sitting in and relaxing, playing... [Mon 3 January 2005]

A review of Paul's From . [Thu 23 December 2004]

Christmas day's the next quiz Don't be rubbing it in about your enormous mansion, we have traded in rented flats in the London... [Thu 16 December 2004]

Good to see there's some civilisation in Folkestone Here I was thinking that everyone between the ages of 16 and 60 had left town in a hurry... I... [Thu 16 December 2004]

Maybe this is the sort of place I should have bought Having a scan of for Folkestone property , and found only one property -... [Thu 16 December 2004]

Safeways we were in Safeways at the weekend (not one in Folkestone) and Clare asked where their organic... [Mon 13 December 2004]

After L_______'s comments I am afeared of stalkers on here. I will credit your full name and address if you like! PS HOW... [Thu 9 December 2004]

someone?! someone, someone?!!! Is that all I am to you?! [Thu 9 December 2004]

What would be wrong with Top Gear for food? You're the second one to say that, a magazine programme about food is great, like Food and Drink... [Tue 7 December 2004]

Manic Tuesday Had a long weekend in Folkestone, but I have returned to chaos... ,... [Tue 7 December 2004]

Chambers Quiz What was that all about then? There was no quiz at Chambers in December, as they're saving it... [Tue 7 December 2004]

don't have a cow man (When did Bart stop saying that?) I saw yon' episode too. FoF seems to be a bit like Top Gear... [Tue 7 December 2004]

If they'd shown a battery cow the viewer might have been left thinking "it's for the best". Should have watched it man, you'd... [Thu 2 December 2004]

Slaughtering cows 1. It was Top Gear for food. A bit contrived, but the cheese bloke was well funny. 2. They did... [Thu 2 December 2004]

Full On Food (BBC2 Wed 1 Dec) Didn't watch Full on Food last night (1 Dec) because it generally irritates me. Wish I had now.... [Thu 2 December 2004]

Didn't watch Full on Food last night (1 Dec)because it generally irritates me. Wish I had now. I think the idea of anyone who wishes to eat meat ... Didn't watch Full on Food last night (1 Dec)because it generally irritates me. Wish I had now.... [Thu 2 December 2004]

Full On Food Full on Food was a bit heavy going last night, I must say... It disturbed me slightly, and... [Thu 2 December 2004]

La Vue It's a nice bar and doesn't attract and fools. Which is nice. Friendly staff as well and some... [Mon 29 November 2004]

New Restaurant Nice to see some refreshing reviews of Folkestone restaurants. Can I please point you the way of... [Mon 29 November 2004]

Folkestone Pubs Beer in the Evening have made some changes to their site, you can search for a pub by all sorts... [Fri 19 November 2004]

Got an update from The Quarter The bar's called La Vue (kinda what you said) and it's a new venture by Paul O'Connor, local... [Tue 16 November 2004]

La Vue Nice to see La Vue laid on some free tea and biscuits for the veterans on Sunday. We were... [Mon 15 November 2004]

I think I'm getting the hang of this! I think I'm getting the hang of this! [Tue 9 November 2004]

That's the one good lad... [Tue 9 November 2004]

the name box? like this - or am I missing something? [Tue 9 November 2004]

Weekend update About time for a weekend update, all the things I didn't have time to write yesterday, if I can... [Tue 9 November 2004]

Dom? Dean? Why does no-one put their name in the name box? Just updated the layout of this page, to move... [Tue 9 November 2004]

Pauly we have you to thank for the 100 in getting the tie breaker question right and it had nothing to do with MUSIC!!!!!! ... [Mon 8 November 2004]

Did someone mention a quiz? Yes, we won the Chambers Quiz , the "Uptown Architects" came through. We were assuming they'd... [Mon 8 November 2004]

This BBC page has some [Wed 3 November 2004]

gay bars in folkestone kent can any one mail me and let me know of any gay pubs in Ashford or folkestone kent or surrounding... [Wed 3 November 2004]

Shanel's Brasserie Now lets get one things straight first of all. I do not go out of my way to be critical or pick... [Thu 28 October 2004]

I retract this review It was rubbish this weekend, has it changed hands again? [Mon 25 October 2004]

Another restaurant we can't go back to Quite a positive and constructive weekend, not as much pubbing as usual. Got a new washing... [Mon 25 October 2004]

Folkestone, safest place in the country Folkestone gets noticed by the national news again in this story about passive smoking ... A non... [Mon 25 October 2004]

More Mushroom Magic Bedgebury Pinetum was one of the places we unofficially had a bit of a look for mushrooms the... [Mon 27 September 2004]

Shanel's Brasserie Delighted to see that a phoenix has risen from the flames of Kapetan Michales , and it's not a... [Tue 31 August 2004]

Chambers Beer Festival There's another beer festival at Chambers over the bank holiday weekend, ace! The last one in... [Sun 22 August 2004]

Folkestone WiFi Hotspot #2 This week's Folkestone Herald would have it in their business section that the first... [Mon 9 August 2004]

Defending The Ship! Sorry to hear you had a bad experience at the Ship. I've eaten there many many times and had... [Mon 9 August 2004]

Folkestone WiFi Hotspots It says here that the Wetherspoons is a Folkestone wireless hotspot , the only public one... [Thu 5 August 2004]

Chambers Quiz There's no Chambers quiz for the next two months, it's back in October... Can't wait? Us... [Sun 18 July 2004]

The Office Pauly - this is for you - I asked Lucy what she wanted for dinner tonight and she said very... [Fri 11 June 2004]

Wards Hotel and Bistro Bar Got round to visiting Wards at last, it's our local, though we thought it'd be crap...... [Tue 8 June 2004]

As one door closes... Delighted to discover this weekend that bucking the trend of bars and restaurants closing,... [Mon 7 June 2004]

Big knobs Who'd have believed something so ace could come out of Cheriton of all places? As part of our... [Tue 1 June 2004]

Stoke Newington by the sea Had a great weekend in Folkestone , only a few tiny disappointments. First, a visit to the... [Sun 23 May 2004]

Nightmare! Don't forget we also got quite excited about Sylvester's and The Front and the relaunched... [Mon 17 May 2004]

Kapetan Michales I think I'm going to have stop eating out in Folkestone soon - we either seem to have a comically... [Mon 10 May 2004]

Half price curry A recommendation for curry in Folkestone , get along to the New Delhi on the first Sunday of... [Tue 4 May 2004]

The Ship Had a dreadful dinner at a pub on the way to Dungeness , The Ship in Romney Marsh . It wasn't... [Wed 14 April 2004]

Chambers Beer Festival The Chambers "Easter Ales" Beer Festival was a raging success, from the first day to the... [Tue 13 April 2004]

NOTHIN to do WIT GREEK FOOD aight you boys, don't forget THE FIGHTING COCKS return on Friday 30th at Last Rockers Club /... [Sun 11 April 2004]

a shameless old git this is a cheap, oikey, pikey, chavy. sweatshop. I'm a bee, right, an this pissin wasp, is... [Sun 11 April 2004]

Kapetan Michales Heading to this Greek Restaurant tonight for the second time, review to follow... [Sat 10 April 2004]

Folkestone beer festival Beer festival was ACE! Done nearly half of all the beers on sale. [Sat 10 April 2004]

Chambers Beer Festival Folkestone's finest boozatorium, The Chambers is holding an "Easter Ales Festival" over the... [Mon 29 March 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Oh. Full review now up at Folkestone RestauRANTS . [Tue 16 March 2004]

Anthony Head Tottenham Court Road [Fri 27 February 2004]

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar Hi mate, got the folks down this weekend and I've been showing them the web - can't believe mate... [Fri 13 February 2004]

Timothy's Wine Bar Timothy's Wine Bar must be open now, and they have a website, ... the... [Fri 13 February 2004]

The offer Still settled on that flat, going to put in an offer today I think, HELLO if you're reading this... [Fri 16 January 2004]

Mike Leigh Charing Cross Road [Mon 15 December 2003]

The Angelic Where'd my username go? Ah well, today I put some new code up here on the board, and maybe it... [Tue 18 November 2003]

Complicated day today Lots of confused explaining of stuff and things... work on the Barfly calendar, work on PopEx... [Tue 18 November 2003]

Steven Merchant Phoenix Bar [Wed 12 November 2003]

Weekend review Smashing weekend in Folkestone, they now have a hexagonal pool table in The Front , it's quite... [Mon 27 October 2003]

Canterbury Wholefoods Just remembered we went to Canterbury on Saturday, and ate at Canterbury Wholefoods , a veggie /... [Wed 8 October 2003]

Meme me me me beats Lovely lunch in the Princess of Wales... [Thu 11 September 2003]

La Bamba Went to La Bamba Mexican restaurant in Hythe , the one that used to be called Panchos ...... [Sun 31 August 2003]

The Gurkha Chef Now this is how I like my night's out to be organised, good work Dave! A table is booked for... [Thu 7 August 2003]

RE: TRAPPED! Today's tasks: ☠Sending out a Junior Senior E-Card ☠Developing new email sending... [Tue 15 July 2003]

TRAPPED! I had a JOYOUS afternoon yesterday... I was working from home, nipped out for some lunch, got... [Tue 15 July 2003]

New albums Excitingly got some new albums too, including one from chum MJ Hibbett and the new Super Furry... [Sun 6 July 2003]

Folkestone weekender At last, a blog entry that is not just a handy way for me to keep track of what I've been up to... [Sun 6 July 2003]

Fig Cafe The cafe that was the highlight of my weekend is called Fig , and is in the Metropole Hotel... [Sun 6 July 2003]

The Quarter I picked up a magazine called The Quarter , which is a kind of fanzine for the creative... [Sun 6 July 2003]

Links Hmm, The Royal Bengal's menu advertises but it's going nowhere at... [Sun 18 May 2003]

Royal Bengal After a very short pub crawl yesterday (couple of smashing pints in The Defoe , then no drinks... [Sun 18 May 2003]

Birdcage was too loud The music's good, but maybe we were just sat at a shitty table, sound was a bit crap. So where... [Sat 17 May 2003]

Mark Owen Kendal health food shop [Wed 2 April 2003]

Roddy Woomble and someone from Seafood Dublin Castle, Camden [Wed 16 January 2002]

Gracchus out of Gladiator Sesame Health Food Shop [Mon 19 November 2001]

Seafood Esquires [Mon 23 July 2001]

Over to you, discussion about anything local, but Please be considerate... Folkestone on TV, Kent gigs, Find a flatmate, rent a room, property queries, current news, what's new, local events, for sale, local services, what I like about Folkestone, ask questions, offer advice, plug yrself... the more it's used the more useful a resource it will become. If you want a gig listed click here to add it (fixed now!), or just click here to post a message...

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