Googies Art Cafe, 15 Rendezvous Street, Folkestone, Kent, (cafe, bar, food)


15 Rendezvous Street, Folkestone, Kent, 01303 246 188

Used to be more veggie and child friendly than it is now.

Seems to be closed now, a shame when they were the forerunner of "making that bit of Folkestone nice".

Oh reopened as cowch, same people, hmm...

rated 5.3 / 10.0 (9)

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Googies ale trail, first Friday of every month with real ale and live music. [2011-07-01 2011]

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In the bit between the High Street and The Old High Street that they're starting to call Noel's Yard...

The big blue marker that has the name on marks the spot.

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Found some pubs nearby too:


Was googies then reopened as cowch.

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Googies ale trail, first Friday of every month with real ale and live music. [2011-07-01 2011]

Raising money to buy a portacabin for the "A Town Unearthed" archealogical project. Sounds great, see you there!
[2011-04-01 2011]

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