La Vue, 6-8, Aspen House, Folkestone, Kent (pub, bar, booze)


La Vue 6-8, Aspen House, Folkestone, Kent 01303 227000

Winebar with sea view, nice

rate Winebar with sea view, nice

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On the roundabout at the top of Rememberance Hill

The big blue pin that has the name on shows the venue.

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Was boarded up for four years before opening as this

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BOX SOCIAL RECORDS presents... Crash of Rhinos, Great Ancestors, Yes We Canada and Club Buff DJs CRASH OF RHINOS




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La Vue [Saturday 15 October 2011]

The Living Room Tony King's music night with THE JANNA GOODWILLE BAND and plenty more... La Vue [Friday 29 October 2010]

the purple hearts + the deccas La Vue [Saturday 24 April 2010]

Living Room Lucy Kitt, Syd Arthur, Vibe Machine, and DJ Mr Blue. La Vue [Friday 29 January 2010]

Living room Four bands La Vue [Friday 25 September 2009]

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The Living Room music night at La Vue this Friday [Monday 25 October 2010]

the purple hearts @ the deccas 24/04/10 [Monday 29 March 2010]

Living Room night this Friday at The View [Thursday 28 January 2010]

Living Room at The View 25th September [Saturday 15 August 2009]

Living Room at The View [Wednesday 15 July 2009]

Bar Below opening night Friday 14th November [Thursday 13 November 2008]

Arson in Folkestone! [Thursday 1 March 2007]

La Vue [Thursday 22 December 2005]

La Vue Halloween Party [Wednesday 12 October 2005]

Ladies, in their pants [Wednesday 12 October 2005]

Not a strip club [Monday 22 August 2005]

La Vue [Tuesday 12 April 2005]

Speed Dating @ La Vue [Tuesday 12 April 2005]

Indie nights at La Vue? [Tuesday 25 January 2005]

Christmas roundup [Monday 3 January 2005]

Got an update from The Quarter [Tuesday 16 November 2004]

La Vue [Monday 15 November 2004]

Weekend update [Tuesday 9 November 2004]

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