Megadeth tour dates

Megadeth tour dates

Check these out, I didn't realise how few shows they're playing in the UK, we're lucky to have them...

June 1 Nurnberg, Germany Rock Im Park ** * On Sale Now 2 Roeselare, Belgium Schwung Festival All * On Sale Now 3 Nurburg, Germany Rock Am Ring ** * On Sale Now 5 Copenhagen, Denmark Vega All TBA On Sale Now 7 Tampere, Finland Sauna Open Air All * On Sale Now 8 Derbyshire, UK Download Festival * * On Sale Now 10 Dublin, Ireland Ambassador Theatre ** TBA SOLD OUT! 12 Glasgow, Scotland Barrowland Ballroom 14+ TBA On Sale Now 13 Bristol, UK Academy 14+ TBA On Sale Now 14 Folkestone, UK Leas Cliff Hall All TBA On Sale Now 16 London, UK Astoria * TBA On Sale Now 17 Biddinghuizen, Holland Fields Of Rock Festival All * On Sale Now 19 Hamburg, Germany Markthalle ** TBA On Sale Now 20 Karlsruhe, Germany Festhalle Durlach ** TBA On Sale Now 22 Zaragoza, Spain Monsters Of Rock All * On Sale Now 24 Clisson, France Hellfest All * On Sale Now 26 Rijssen, Holland Lucky & Co All Violent Storm On Sale Now 27 Zurich, Switzerland Rohstofflager All TBA TBA 28 Vienna, Austria Arena All TBA TBA 30 Milan, Italy Gods Of Metal All * On Sale Now July 2 Tel Aviv, Israel Hangar 11 All TBA On Sale Now

Got my tickets, just catching up on what I've missed since I last bought a Megadeth album in 1992...

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