Holiday reading


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Holiday reading

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While I was away I read Matthew's Prize: Being the Tale of a Whitby Orphan Boy's Longing to Navigate the Broad Seas though I didn't know the title was so long at the time... it's about PIRATES, and it's quite good, if a bit of a blokey version of a mills and boon. Also Nocturne and Permissable Limits both by Graham Hurley. I like them because they're connected with Portsmouth (Hurley lives there and writes for the Portsmouth Evening News), but they're both a bit fantastic. Not in a good way, but in a not believable characters and situations way... I muchly enjoyed Murphy's Law by Colin Bateman, though I missed the recent TV series, and most of all Carter Beats the Devil which is a fantastic (in a good way) account of a (possibly) fictional magician of the roaring twenties "Carter the Great"...

More Alcudia restaurant reviews coming soon, and pictures of actual stokey related things soon. There is a house up for auction on Manor Road, I am keen to see what it goes for, will find links later...
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