RE: Whole lot of interesting detail there, though you do sound a bit bitter - 10809

RE: Whole lot of interesting detail there, though you do sound a bit bitter - 10809

The "Euphoria" just sounded like a gay bar, when in fact it was just another rough Folkestone dive.

I'm not bitter about anything, just don't want people wasting their hopes and cash on this money pit.

Five changes of name in six years is never good. Perhaps Mr Ramsay can sort it out. Although I think even he would wash his hands of it.

Everything has been tried to make this place a success, but nothing has worked.

It attracts people who think the so-called rejuvenation of the town will help make there fortunes. But they're sadly deluded. Godden and de Haan are the only ones making any money here.

Some might say "bleeding the town dry" as was done to Margate.

⬅️ :: Do you really think DeHaan has made any money on this yet? ➡️
Fri Jan 04 2008

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