Folkestone Central and Folkestone West to get high speed trains (but not Sandling)

Folkestone Central and Folkestone West to get high speed trains (but not Sandling)

This info from this week's KM Extra free sheet, but has been made public by Southeastern Trains. I did wonder just how fast the high speed service could be if it stopped at all the little stations along the way.

No mention of the services from Central, but apparently Folkestone West will only get one high speed service an hour.

Have you noticed they're doing up Folkestone West? Station buildings on both sides of the track are being renovated. It makes sense to me if West became the main station, as there's room around it to expand and use for parking, Folkestone Central seems a bit penned in.

All good news for Folkestone anyway (though less so for Hythe).

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Fri Mar 14 2008

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