Folkestone camera club update

Folkestone camera club update

On 30th March was our 5th digital image competition of the season when our members learn from the judges comments, tips, advice and experience. Our judge was Mr Dave Mason who came to us from Woolwich, a very experienced photographer, and his results (out of 20) were:-

Monochrome: GEMMA by Dave Turner 20

(21 emtroes) LOCAL TIKI by Paul Gavin LRPS 20

              WALL OF WATER  by   Alice Gosling   20
              BEACH, BOAT, SKY  by   Sue Cowell   19
              WAITING FOR THE TIDE  by   John Mitchell  19

Open Group 2; MORNING MIST OVER HAWKSHEAD by Jan Mackay 20

(18 entries WINCHELSEA AT DUSK by Paul Melia 20

              SUNSET OVER WESTMINSTER  by   Pam Wraight 18
              THE PATH THROUGH THE WOODS  by   Tony Reeves18 

Portrait Group 2: STEPHANIE by John Mitchell 20

(13 entries) PRINCESS STELLA by Monica Stringer 19 EMMA by Paul Melia 19

              LIBBY  by   Jim Wraight    19 

Open Group 1:- ROBIN (ERITHACUS RUBECULA) by Trevor Page 20

(16 entries) GERMAN PALIAMENT BERLIN by Paul Gavin LRPS 19

              THREE RED CHAIRS  by   Bob Brisley LRPS DPAGB 19
              PINK RUDBEKIA  by   Melanie Chalk   19
              KINGS COLLEGE FRESHMAN  by   Arthur Bailey 19 

Portrait Group 1: OLIVIA 3 by Paul Gavin LRPS 20

(9 entries) THOMAS by Keith Green 20

              JESS AND LEAH  by   Sue Cowell   19
              SU THAILAND  by   Alan Meek   19 

Creative:- BENEATH THE WAVES by Dave Turner CPAGB 20

(15 entries) LOST SOLES by John Mitchell 20

        AEROSPACE  by   Paul Gavin LRPS    19
        NIGHTMARE   by   Bob Brisley LRPS DPAGB   19
        WATER MUSIC  by   Alice Gosling    1 

Although we are coming to the end of our season we still have 5 more competitions to see. New members are still coming along too, so we hope they will continue into the next season.

Saturday 19th April is the Kent County Photographic Association Biennial Audio Visual Competition which Folkestone is proud to be hosting this year. It is being held at the St. Andrews Methodist Church Hall, Surrenden Road, Cheriton from 2 p.m. Further details can be found on our website.

Many photographs taken by members, including the above with 20 points, can be seen on our website at

Our meetings are held at the St Georges Church, Audley Road, (on the corner of Shorncliffe Road opposite West Station) Folkestone September to May, on Mondays at 7.45pm. New members are always welcome, if interested please phone Mrs Jenny Barraclough (Press Officer) 01303 245399. E mail:

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