Speaking of journeys through time and space...

Speaking of journeys through time and space...

The Mighty Boosh festival lineup is out, as seen on posters at Folkestone station, though I'm sure I could have been quicker off the mark than that. It's a bit ropey actually. The 'Boosh themselves headline I think, with The Charlatans, Gary Numan, White Denim, The Kills, Peaches (DJing only), and Polar Bear. I've no idea of the format actually, so i'm not sure what part Noel Fielding, Julian Barrett et all will play.

There is a full comedy lineup too featuring Ross Noble, Frankie Boyle, Flight Of The Conchords, Robin Ince, Garth Merengi and lots more. Not much that really leaps out, I expect to see Stewart Lee on every single comedy festival lineup, and I expect him to be doing the same set every time too damn it!

Get tickets here, 50 a piece. It'a at the Hop Farm, near Paddock Wood, looks to be about half a mile away from the station so maybe we could do it from Folkestone... think they're gearing it more at people nipping out of London rather than us, but there must be some people that Paddock Wood is handy for.

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Thu Jun 05 2008

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