Following a triumphant show on 31st May The Lone Star Comedy Club returns to the Tower Theatre on North Road at Shorncliffe Garrsion in Cheriton. The line up for the new show will be EARL OKIN, JAMES SHERWOOD, compere MATT PRICE and a newcomer.

Earl was possibly one of the funniest men I have ever seen. His talents are endless - CHORTLE

EARL OKIN is one of those rare performers..... a true original!!! Genuinely versatile, his talents range from that of a fine Singer-Songwriter, (in styles ranging from chart orientated tracks to the classiest of Jazz-Standards, via authentic Bossa-Novas), to that of Pianist, Guitarist, world class Jazz-Singer, as well as his unique standing as ' Vocal Trumpeter, Trombonist and Clarinetist'.

Added to all of this is his Humour, sophisticated and witty enough to have made him perhaps the leading music & Comedy act on the unforgiving London Alternative Comedy Circuit!

Apart from appearances on British shows too numerous to mention, Earl has appeared at all the major London venues including The Royal Albert Hall, The Royal Festival Hall, The London Palladium, Wembley Arena, The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and The Barbican.

Earl has appeared alongside everyone from Paul McCartney and Van Morrison to Benny Carter, Stephane Grappelli and Cleo Laine. He has entertained the Queen and Princess Margaret.

Finally his one man show has made his name a legend at the amazing Edinburgh International Festival and venues literally around the world. He has been described as a cross between Harry Connick Jr. and Victor Borge, but there is really only one... Earl Okin

Earl has toured the show that features all aspects of his talent throughout the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Switzerland & Russia etc.

Finally of course, Earl Okin's name is legendary at the Edinburgh International Festival. In year 2000 he completed his 18th full (successful) year reaching an unprecedented 500 performances and gaining a place in the Guinness Book Of Records!

James Sherwood. Clever, original, but most of all, very very funny - CHORTLE

JAMES SHERWOOD made his name in topical comedy, writing one-liners for commercial radio stations. During the 2005 general election campaign, his political material appeared on BBC Radio 1, 2 and 4. He has also written for Private Eye and is a frequent studio pundit on the Sky News Paper Review.

He is also a musician, mainly a classical singer, but also a pianist, composer and arranger. His vocal arrangement of the University Challenge theme tune featured in a BBC2 documentary about the tv quiz. He is also a regular choral singer on the London church scene, despite not being a Christian a contradiction he explored in his 2006 solo Edinburgh festival debut "I Know What You did Last Sunday".

In his pre-comedy career in public relations, James campaigns included the UK launch of the Blackberry handheld email device.

TRIVIA: His great grandfather (also James Sherwood) scored the only goal in the 1914 Amateur FA cup Final.

In 2004, he was runner up in both the BBC New Comedy Awards and the Holsten Pils/FHM comedy competition.

He is known for his material on topical subjects, and religion.

Matt Price. The man is a tremendous, original comic - CHORTLE

Having given up a short but colourful career in boxing, Cornish-born Cardiff-resident MATT PRICE is resident MC at Cardiffs award-winning Yellow Kangaroo Comedy Club and the famous Wharf Comedy Club.

He has perfected the art of controlling a rowdy crowd, and is now becoming a much sought-after support act and compere on the national circuit.

Matts real skill is in taking his audience on numerous different journeys through the course of his performance. He is very much a unique stage presence and his poignant, heartbreaking and brutally funny stories are fast becoming a must-have addition to bills around the nation.

He is officially UKs first New Deal Comedian. Having been on the dole for two years, he decided to make his hobby his profession, applied for New Deal support and was accepted! This set of circumstances allows Matt yet another unique perspective on his life and profession, and will surely serve to cement his position as one of the most promising newcomers around.

Now the home of FHODS, the Tower Theatre is currently the towns best-kept secret and is the old Garrison Church at the Shorncliffe barracks. There are about 300 seats in the auditorium and a full bar service. Drinks will be available before the show starts, in the interval and afterwards. Dont be put off making the effort theres ample FREE parking and youll love it when you get there! Take a look at the website towertheatrefolkestone.co.uk for a map and further details.

Tickets are 8 each and available online at lonestarcomedy.co.uk or by contacting Richard on 07810 864228. Doors open at 7.30pm, with the show starting at 8.30pm.

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