First review of Zoo Thousand and Eight in

First review of Zoo Thousand and Eight in

Here at, sounds a bit chaotic, more rumours of cancellations than actual cancellations possibly though.

More here, seems Lethal Bizzle was promoted to replace Dizzee Rascal, not a bad call I wouldn't have said, though one was a Mercury prize winner and the other is a one hit wonder.

UPDATE: hearing more reports from people who were there, sounds it was chaos, but the bands who were good made the day. Get in touch if you had a different experience.

UPDATE UPDATE: many many many negative comments here! Surprisingly none on the official zoo thousand forum - did it crash under the weight of complaints or was it removed?

Some more comments here on the blog. Guess you won't be queuing up to by tickets for next year then!

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Mon Jul 07 2008

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