They are still the number one ranked local restaurant!

They are still the number one ranked local restaurant!

Who is doing all this voting then? I enjoyed it when I went, I think I've only had takeaway there, but also sat for a drink while waiting for it. Here are the current top ten:

Savour Aroma (8.59/10) Chambers (8.41/10) Tinto Tapas (8.36/10) The Mayfly (8.35/10) Curry Garden (8.03/10) Kalala (7.93/10) Clarendon Inn (7.63/10) Riverview Diner (7.63/10) Wagamama (7.45/10) Bella Amalfi (7.45/10)

My personal local favourite Escondido has slipped from the list. Will still be going there Saturday though!

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Thu Aug 21 2008

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