Opening 6th September


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Opening 6th September

Gate 28

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As what it was.... tables and chairs still there as they are being used by new owners (why!?)
Sounds like they are doing some decent live events there though - type gate in facebook!! Hope they get SKY for footie!!
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No more news about Gate 28 reopening then?

Gate 28
I found nothing on Facebook, except a group saying "wouldn't it be good if it reopened"... it's still under offer, and still has not changed internally so I guess it could happen fairly quickly. If you have any more specific info please post it up here...
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The lights are on at Gate 28, but is anybody home?

Gate 28
Saturday is the rumoured day of reopening, has anyone any idea if anything is really happening? I went past there on Tuesday, lights were on so someone had been inside, but it wasn't clear if anything had changed. It didn't really look closed down at all when it was closed down, all the fixtures and fittings stayed exactly on their spots.

I'm busy Saturday (going to Sandbanks) but please feel free to invite me along for a free drink.
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