BATTLESKA GALACTICA play their farwell gig at the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone on Saturday September 6th which also doubles up as a CD release party!

The "That Is Really All" show also features LOS SALVADORES, TAR and TWICE THE SIZE.

Energetic skacore act BATTLESKA GALACTICA have been one of the most popular Folkestone bands of the decade and previously released two albums: "Will Skank For Cash" (recorded at The Forum in Tunbridge Wells in [year]2002[/year]) and [year]2005[/year]'s "Songs From The Crypt".

Once famously described as "the only band to operate a rotation system", there could well be one or two guest appearances from previous members on the night. The band will also be selling copies of their new six-track "If Found Please Return To..." cd at the gig, priced just 3.

For further information, visit battleskagalactica.com

Maidstone-based LOS SALVADORES are a deranged experimental punk band with several festival dates amassed this summer. Formed in 2004, and signed up to Corndog Records in 2007, the bands debut album "Attack of the Clones" was released in February and, supported by a national tour, has so far sold close to 1,000 copies through HMV and other high street shops.

Blending blast beats with banjos, the energetic six-piece gigs extensively across the UK and is currently working on a new release at Out House Studios in Reading, where Enter Shikari recorded their gold-selling album.

For further information, visit lossalvadores.co.uk and myspace.com/lossalvadores

Ska punk band TAR supported BATTLESKA GALACTICA on their last highly successful gig at the Leas with Jesse James back in May 2006 and always supported Jester and More than Normal at the Leas in January [year]2005[/year].

TWICE THE SIZE are seven booze-fuelled maniacs comin' straight outta Brighton. They are an infectiously riotous bunch of merry-makers who deliver their own brand of party ska.

Tickets, priced 7 in advance or 8 on the door, are available from the Box Office on 01303 228600.

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Fri Aug 29 2008

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