Lone Star Comedy returns on Saturday September 27th

Lone Star Comedy returns on Saturday September 27th

The Lone Star Comedy Club returns to the Tower Theatre on North Road at Shorncliffe Garrsion in Cheriton on Saturday September 27th.

The line up consists of THE AMAZING MR SMITH, SHELAGH MARTIN, compere TIERNAN DOUIEB, plus a newcomers act.

THE AMAZING MR SMITH has been described as Monty Pythons answer to John Williams. His combination of mad inventions and brilliant acoustic guitar playing make him one of the funniest and most original entertainers around. He is the worlds leading eccentric guitarist with funny songs, parodies and props, who can play the Blue Danube on an instrument made entirely of condoms.

" Delightfully eccentric comic musician " - Time Out.

"...Mr Smith is absolutely mesmerizing to watch and side-splittingly funny. He can make music from anything, including contraceptives, and the duelling banjos was a great idea. Mr Smith quite rightly got applause after applause and two well-deserved encores..." part of a review at xsmalarkey.co.uk

"Anyone who doesnt feel better after seeing The Amazing Mr Smith is probably beyond human help. Any government could save us taxpayers a fortune by making his inspired lunacy available on the N.H.S" Bill Morley, Bromley Little Theatre.

SHELAGH MARTIN is renowned for her crafted one-liners often surreal, sometimes brilliant, and frequently involving bizarre mental images of animals.

"Sensational. I thought she was one of the funniest, and most refreshing female stand-ups I've seen and I wasn't alone. The audience followed her all the way on her increasingly surreal journey, and laughed their way through every minute of it. It's a joy to watch the way her mind works. Class" Chortle review

Gigging since 2003 after learning his trade on Dr Oliver Doubles stand-up course at the University of Kent, compere TIERNAN DOUIEB is quickly becoming known as a top MC and rising star on the circuit. With his fast paced energetic style, stupidly unpronounceable name and comedy topics ranging from dancing bears, being diabetic and sometimes Lionel Ritchie, Tiernan is now gigging all over the UK.

"Douieb was energetic, fast paced and his humour was full of kitch appeal and observations about the good and ill of modern British life." bbc.co.uk

The home of FHODS, the Tower Theatre is currently the town's best-kept secret and is the old Garrison Church at the Shorncliffe barracks. There are about 300 seats in the auditorium and a full bar service. Drinks will be available before the show starts, in the interval and afterwards. Don't be put off making the effort theres ample FREE parking and you'll love it when you get there! Take a look at the website towertheatrefolkestone.co.uk for a map and further details

Tickets are 8 each and available online via lonestarcomedy.co.uk from 6th September, by contacting Richard on 07810 864228 or sending e-mail to lonestarcomedy@hotmail.co.uk

Doors open at 7.30pm, with the show starting at 8.30pm.

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