New robotic exoskeleton


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New robotic exoskeleton

I love stuff like this, reminds me of the first Sam Slade story in 200AD, first time I saw the idea of an exoskeleton, I have wanted one ever since. Man alive why can I not find the Sam Slade "graphic novels" on amazon? Some on [abe=Sam Slade Robohunter]on abe books[/abe], not sure my "deal" is still up and running there though... Is no-one interested in comics any more? Looks like our baby will be interested in comics, but he won't be touching mine until he's old enough to appreciate the care I've taken over them! Well, the care I took over them, for a while, think they are mostly mouldering in mum and dad's loft now, hope they're OK... No jammy finger prints or chewed page corners, please...
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