May The Fourth Wall Be With You - quiz!

May The Fourth Wall Be With You - quiz!

Double quiz action at Chambers this weekend, regular monthly quiz on the Sunday with a 100 prize and then another to raise money for the Fourth Wall Theatre group on the Monday. Don't think I can make the Sunday one but maybe see you at this one...

In an effort to raise funds before embarking on some outstanding theatre over the Summer, Fourth Wall Theatre is looking to run a quiz this Bank Holiday Monday. The quiz will consist of questions based around music, film and theatre, and should be a bloody good laugh.

The vital information:

Date: Monday 4th May Venue: Chambers Time :19:30 Cost : 2 Team restriction: No more than six people in a team.

Chambers have been very kind in accommodating us, and so I hope as many of you as possible can come along, have a bit of a laugh, and support us so that we can start planning future events. Chambers regulars will note that this is the night after the Chambers quiz and so there is an opportunity to go quiz crazy this weekend!

I should say that as Chambers is an awesome place staffed by wonderful people, you should go there all the time and drink, and if you see Chris you should probably tell him what a good bloke he is, etc.

As it's a Fourth Wall Theatre event, there will be opportunities to learn more about our group, what we hope to achieve, and even join up as a member. Of course there's also a chance to buy tickets to the esteemed and unparalleled, 1920s themed "Wall Street Bash!", taking place on 30th May.

Anyway, get a team together, and I look forward to seeing you there.

Alex Boughton

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Wed Apr 29 2009

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