Can't believe I'm back in work tomorrow


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Can't believe I'm back in work tomorrow

See you there, oh I am so looking forward to it!

I've been off with Harry for just about FOUR WEEKS now, this is amazing! I've not only forgotten what it is I do at work, I'm not entirely sure where it is any more. Luckily my neighbour works there, saw her today, they were having a very sophisticated outdoor lunch on our back lawn, with candlesticks and everything. I've arranged for her to take me in, I think I can just bluff it from there.

Harry's been very good all day today. We took him round to Dean's to watch Wimbledon in HD on his big screen. Yeah we have the HD screen, but I'm still too mean to pay for an actual HD source, and Dean has Sky HD. Harry was awake through all of what turned out to be the longest game of tennis I've ever seen. Awake and not crying! I was nearly crying myself towards the end of the game, didn't it get monotonous, Federer and Roddick each winning their serve, cat and mouse, tit for tat, back and forth. Like tennis. It started to get too late for us to be putting Harry in bed so we had to leave at 15-14 and walk home. Looks like we didn't miss much more then.

Right, chores for the day done, just time to catch up on the week's Countdown and then go to bed early for work tomorrow...
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