Hevy a (damp) success!

Hevy a (damp) success!

So the first annual Hevy festival came to pass, and I think it was a success! Concerns about the weather and choice of booze inside the arena stopped us heading in too early, so stopped for a couple of drinks on the way. Chambers very quiet as expected, but The View was very busy - some sort of fringe music event going on there. Very pleasant in The View with the front windows opened right up, will have to give that place another chance.

Festival not heaving when we got in, but a fair crowd. We sheltered from the rain in the second stage tent, which was a revelation! Hot and energy packed, a welcome relief to thr drizzle outside. Would like to have seen more of the bands inside, but had to nip out to take in the hits from the main stage. Got both Cars and Are Friends Electric in fairly quick succession from Gary Numan, despite the rumours of him not playing these.

Great idea having the main stage visible from the bar. Meant we could shelter and drink pear cider (well, the alternative was Fosters lager) while watching for Ash to appear. And we waited. Technical difficulties delayed their appearance, I think it likely that they were AFEARED of the rain! Though it was drizzly in the crowd the rain seemed to be heavier on the stage, some sort of trick of the light I suspect. Ash opened with Girl From Mars and played a good set. They dropped in a fair few new songs, maybe too many, though all sounded good. No time for Jack Names The Planets, no time to even lay the songs they had planned, cut short as a result of coming on late.

More drizzle, so sorry to say I did not hang around for Feeder. Understand they were great, but they are not one of my favourite bands. Hope you enjoyed them if you stayed, I'm sure you did. Something for everyone at this fest, definitely a success. Shame about the weather, imagine how good Hevy II is going to be if it lucks into a hot dry day next year?

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Sun Aug 02 2009

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