Comedy at Escondido

Comedy at Escondido

Food, drink and comedy at Escondido on 10th September at 19:30 to 23:00

The cost is 19.95 per person and as this is priced by Escondido it cannot be discounted.

A superb Mexican meal followed by top Stand up Comedy

What is on the menu?

Nachos, Fajitas (Chicken, Duck, Mushroom and Spinach) plus a jug of Sangria

What is on the Comedy Menu?

Four great Comedians hosted by Amused Moose Finalist Mark Simmons

To book - Tickets are available at Escondido, by e mailing or calling 01303 246624. Only 40 spaces left so book early to secure your space.

This event is open to customers over the age of 16. A table service for drinks will be available whilst the comedians are performing

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Thu Aug 06 2009

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