New series of Peep Show tonight


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New series of Peep Show tonight

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Cheers for the tip off. Will it be on 4OD tonight too?

Series 6:

Newly promoted Mark decides to enjoy his additional power and wealth by splashing out on a boiler, a 'creamy elephant' sofa and by finding Jeremy a job in the office. Things are also looking promising for Mark in his pursuit of Dobby, the company IT girl. However, a routine fire drill puts his plans into total disarray.

Presumably will be on 4od asap, hopefully tonight. We have been watching quite a bit of [artist]David Mitchell[/artist] recently at least, he's cropped up on all of the TV shows we ever watch apart from Countdown and Eggheads. Clare has plans to watch tonnes of Strictly Come Dancing :-(

Very busy at work at the moment preparing for a couple of huge projects to go live at once.

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