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Don't cross me today!

Harry had me up at 2.30 :-(

Was rudely awoken by my howling banshee of a son at 2.30 this morning. Just a bad dream I think, nothing was up. He was as cute as you like when I picked him up but each time I tried to put him back down he started again. Hard work. Plus mental busy at work today. Originally thought I had a two hour meeting over lunch today, then was told don't worry it's just a social / networking / meet the new people thing, so I didn't go and then found it was a real meeting. Tried to call in but everyone was mid presentation and there were no seats, and I was too late anyway. Bah.

AND I've broken my new years resolution already... had to go out at lunchtime anyway so I went to the pub and... no, not really but I did pop in to say goodbye to an old friend and had my first Starbucks of the year. Not really breaking any resolutions, my plan is to not go in there every day out of habit.

Day 12, still no drinking, though if Harry gets me up a few more nights like this who knows...
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