Raphael Mead Valentines day show at Kingston Barn

Raphael Mead Valentines day show at Kingston Barn

Press release:

One of KENT's finest singer-songwriters, RAPHAEL MEAD, celebrates Valentine's Day with a special, intimate concert, ahead of a short visit to NASHVILLE and then the release of his second album, RULED BY THE HEART, in March.

Raphael started his musical journey in some of the best recording studios in London, working with many artists including MORRISSEY and top producer PETER COLLINS, (RUSH, ALICE COOPER and BON JOVI). Raphael's distinct and individual style has won him much acclaim and many fans, in the UK and overseas. Concerts in ITALY and ESTONIA, plus opening slots for artists in the UK, including COLIN BLUNSTONE and KIKI DEE, have served to increase his ever-growing fan base. RULED BY THE HEART features eleven tracks, all written by Raphael, and is perhaps his most accessible work to date and is sure to bring further attention to him.

For the Valentine Day's concert Raphael will be joined on stage as usual by renowned multi-instrumentalist, arranger and producer GEOFFREY RICHARDSON, and top musician ANDY BRIGGS, and the show promises to be a perfect way to spend a romantic evening, and also to get a sneak preview of the new album.

The concert is at KINGSTON BARN, THE STREET, KINGSTON, CT4 6JQ. The doors open at 7:30 p.m., with the show starting at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are 8.00, 6.00 concessions, available on the door or by calling 01303 840324 or 07875 379723


E-mail: agnes@ehi.ee Web: http://www.myspace.com/raphaelmead

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Wed Jan 27 2010

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