Harry sick again


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Harry sick again

Did I already say, I've been up since FIVE?

He didn't cry at all in the night until just after five but he was caked in vomit when I went in to him, poor little lamb. He was chirpy enough and pleased to be up. So nice early start changing him and his cot and bathing him. I stayed up, but Clare went back to bed, ready for the second day in her new job at The White Cliffs.

Watched the leadership debate again last night, a bit boring hearing the same points repeated for the third week in a row. Gordon Brown did quite well, I wish he'd done better though. I wonder if it was David Cameron's smarminess that made Harry sick? Nick Clegg's "I'm the only refreshing change from these two squabblers" is wearing a bit thin.

Another busy day at work today I'm sure. Hoping the washing finishes so I can chuck it in the tumble dryer before I have to go...
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