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In case there's anyone reading the blog but not the twitter...

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I repeat, I got Ozzy Osbourne tickets for Folkestone

I think that's maybe just you Dom, and I will see you tomorrow before you read this, Ozzy Osbourne is coming to Folkestone and I got tickets. I am pleased about this. As I write there are still tickets available, which surprises me.

It seems to be a warm up of sorts before his appearance at the itunes festival:

# June 29, 2010: Folkestone, UK @ Leas Cliff Hall
# July 01, 2010: Oxford, UK @ Academy
# July 03, 2010: Camden, London @ Roundhouse

Oxford tickets are on ebay already, but as I say Folkestone ones are still available.

As I'm not seeing KISS next week this will do.

Another busy day at work today, feels like I got quite a lot done though. Time for a relaxing evening. Started the weekend a bit early drinking vino while watching the election last night and am still feeling a little weak, but will see what I can manage now...
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