A Must See Seaside Shop

A Must See Seaside Shop

By David Cowell

If determination and passion guaranteed success then I have no doubt that The Sandgate Trading Co will be a resounding retail triumph. Its proprietor, Nikki Wilson, has been planning the venture since she and her husband Paul returned to Sandgate two years ago and she has found inspiration in the seaside village they love.

From her workroom at the back, Nikki crafts and fashions most of the items she sells in the shop from serendipitous finds on the beach and surrounding woodlands. Others she buys in but their eco credentials are scrutinised and wherever possible she buys from British sources. All are displayed in two rooms whose interior design reflects the creative nature of the owner.

Whether it's a long planned anniversary or a last minute panic, The Sandgate Trading Co will probably have the answer. Arts and craft, furniture, lotions and potions, candles, jewellery and retro vintage items can all be found in this veritable haven by the sea. The greetings cards are made from sustainable sources and her fascinating carrier bags have been constructed from recycled newspapers.

"I first tested the demand for my products at the twice monthly Farmers' Market held at the Chichester Memorial Hall" said Nikki, "and the result convinced me that there was a need for such a shop in Sandgate". I asked Nikki how will she know if her hopes and aspirations are realised and she replied, "It will be when The Sandgate Trading Co becomes a relevant part of the Sandgate community". You can't ask for more than that, can you?

The Sandgate Trading Co can be found at 78 Sandgate High Street. Sandgate, Kent CT20 3BX

Contact details: Nikki Wilson 01303 226610 Email: wnikkiwilson@hotmail.co.uk

David Cowell 01303 257022 email: david@davidcowell.net

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Sun May 23 2010

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