Don't let me forget I am going to Ozzy on Tuesday


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Don't let me forget I am going to Ozzy on Tuesday

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Ozzy Osbourne 8.78(10 1 votes, 0, Pauly) 29th Jun
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There is a real danger of this coming around and me forgetting to go.

Lovely day again today, this weather is insane. I will celebrate by hiding indoors while the rest of the company play [google]human foosball[/google] in the sunshine. When did this game become "foos" here in England? It's probably Friends that is to blame, it's TABLE FOOTBALL damn it.

Going to [place]Maidstone[/place] tomorrow for a change instead of [place]Canterbury[/place]. I'm concerned it will still be far too urban for a nice day, but needs must, Clare wants SHOES or something.
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