Cold, wet feet


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Cold, wet feet

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Raj Bari
In London today, weather is not good.

In London again today for work. Walked here to Clerkenwell from St Pancras, only ten or fifteen minutes, but the weather is terrible here, so I got wet and my feet are still not dry...

Lovely weekend, Kez and Dez visiting Friday night so we got a curry from the new RajBari Indian right near our house. The Escondido for lunch the next day too, a proper weekend of gorging ourselves actually. Sunday, Bluewater, a big spend up on curtains and things. Bought quite a bit but did not spend as much as I thought we might as we managed to get ready made curtains and did not need the made to measure service. We do need the skills of the mother-in-law to adapt these to fit though, her previous sewing services have been great.

Nando's for lunch on Sunday at Bluewater, and then a big Chili on Sunday night. A nice light salad for lunch today here. It's not all about food, but it's mostly about food... did not get everything we wanted in Bluewater, but mostly, a successful trip. I have some more DIY to do now, fitting the new curtain pole and putting the curtains up, then I also got some more remote controlled light switches. Clare is particularly pleased about this... no, wait, she thinks they are a big waste of time! Maybe they are a bit, but I have them now, and it is the one thing I know how to do, so I'm going keep with it. I think I figured out how to "retro fit" some remote opening and closing action to any curtain poles, so I'm keen to have a go at that. This idea is even less welcome than the light switches though so I will have to be a bit careful about it. If I slip up and make things even slightly worse (ie pull the curtains down, puncha hole in the wall etc) then I will be in trouble...

Harry was a bit of a monster Friday night. Did I already say? Not sure, but he was up in the middle of the night and howling, and so as to not disturb everyone else I took him downstairs to sleep on the sofa, as he would only stop crying while I was holding him. Saturday night and last night were both fine though, a bit of an issue getting him to sleep to start with but then no problem through the night.

Seems Pulp are reforming to headline Wireless festival, maybe we will go to this...
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