Further news and reviews from the FIRST Leas Lift Beer Festival

Further news and reviews from the FIRST Leas Lift Beer Festival

On Saturday I babysat for the friends who babysat for us on Friday, so they could also go to the Leas Lift Beer Festival, so I have more opinions and news to share. It is generally regarded as a roaring success, I think so, the friends think so, they know the organisers and they say so, and finally (but less reliably) I spoke to the organisers after I'd tried all the ciders on the Friday and I'm sure they were positive then too. Even some knobhead setting off the fire extinguisher towards the end of Friday didn't spoil it.

Things finished early on the Saturday, so sorry if you missed it, but they'd sold out of everything.

There will be another Leas Lift Beer Festival, in the summer, and on a larger scale.

Hello and thanks, and good luck for next time to everyone involved.

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Mon Feb 28 2011

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