Another cracking day today


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Another cracking day today

Must stop reusing the phrase cracking day, but the weather is looking really good for our four day weekend. Will see if it lasts.

Harry is back in good health, as of about tea-time yesterday, he is his usual chirpy cheeky monkeyish self again, which makes us very happy indeed. Even if he was chattering and banging away for about an hour after he went to bed last night.

TV always gets worse as summer approaches, but I didn't think this would happen with the sky plus arrangement we have. This week we watched Game of Thrones, bunch or arse more like, it's rubbish. We like the idea though so will give it more of a chance. Also did not like Campus, and then the worst of the worst Twenty Twelve the comedy about the Olympics, ABSOLUTE CRAP. Clare is keen to give it more of a go because she loves the Olympics but even she may give up. To really put the icing on the cake we have come to the end of the latest series of Coach Trip too. They're filming another right now but that won't be on for months...

Have booked our own Coach Trip, all the way to Brighton and back again. And we're not even going by coach, we have booked a hotel there though, so that will be our big summer holiday.

Just a few hours until it's cider o'clock. Will try the four ciders on offer at Chambers tonight, Merry Moon's Lunatickle and Lemon Moon, and East Stour's Medium and Scary Peary Perry. Doesn't seem a very adventurous lineup but it is all Kentish. Local!

Had lunch outside today as it's so nice. Read another chapter / short story of Dubliners. It's alright but nothing happens, am I missing the point? Think we have a fun afternoon here at work, can't put anything live, and there's a treasure hunt and paper plane competition and things, traditional easter fare here at Holiday Extras so hopefully winding down a bit early...
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