Quarterhouse - Tickets for Dave Gorman & Phill Jupitus on sale at 10am Fri 22nd April!

Quarterhouse - Tickets for Dave Gorman & Phill Jupitus on sale at 10am Fri 22nd April!

Quarterhouse are delighted to announce 3 special Edinburgh Previews of Dave Gorman's Powerpoint Presentation. The man behind Are You Dave Gorman? and Googlewhack Adventure returns with a brand new show.

And, if that's not enough we also have a special one-off date for Phill Jupitus.

For his new show 'Stand Down' Jupitus returns to what he does best; stand up.

Erudite, troubled, occasionally mean, if you've only ever seen him on TV, expect to spill your drink in fury/joy.

Tickets available in person from the box office, online at www.quarterhouse.co.uk or by calling 01303 858 500 from 10am on Friday 22nd April 2011

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Thu Apr 21 2011

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