Best vegeburger in Folkestone

Best vegeburger in Folkestone

Last night we went to Chambers for dinner, a rare night out with Grandpa sitting in and babysitting. Chambers have a new menu, the old favourite chili is still there but there's a new option, "the best vegeburger in town", and yes they can do it vegan-style, so it would have been rude not to try. It was very good, surpringly more of a po' boy or something than a burger, a huge stack of vegetables and condiments in a burger bun. There's a whole portobello mushroom, fat slices layers of red onion, courgettes, gerkhins, mustard, chilis and more. Usually it would be glued together with cheese, which if you like cheese probably adds something. I thought it was great, probably fair to say it is the best vegeburger in town. It comes with curly fries and a dip, and you probably want to cut it in half before you eat it. I did not, so by the end I was stuffing fistfuls of hot loose veg in my mouth. Very nice indeed.

Clare had the fajitas which were good too.

We also heard about the chilli challenge, about seven quid for a bowl of chilli with tortilla chips and a pickled chilli to start. If you can eat it (without bolting it) you get your picture in the hall of fame on the wall. And if you don't finish it you go on the wall of shame. This is the one for me next time. We saw someone order this and then do a runner after one mouthful, actually leaving the pub, so it does sound properly hot.

More details probably on Chambers website.

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Sun Jun 26 2011

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