I started on cider batch 1


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I started on cider batch 1

Cider batch 1 was very good! I did not have any beer or anything in yesterday, so although this batch of home brew has had less than the recommended amount of time in the bottle I know it had a lot longer than expected in the demijohn so I knew it was safe. I just had a taste of it rather than quaffing the whole lot, t was very dry, slightly sparkling (not sure how) and definitely cidery. I wish I had started the second batch already, but I have been a bit lazy. Still, got four litres of batch one left which I will try and keep for a while and maybe start batch 2 later today.

Right now we are going our for a walk, it is the National Trust walking festival over at the White Cliffs. Not sure exactly what to expect, except a four mile round trip to the lighthouse and back. We can't take the car or the buggy there, so I expect I will be carrying Harry for a good three and a half miles along the cliffs. And I have a cold now.
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RE: I started on cider batch 1

you can drink cough mixture straight away you dont have to wait!!!!!!!
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Pretty mean

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My instinct is is to punish you for your cheeky comments by making you drink some of my home brew, but it really actually is good, so maybe you go without!

UPDATE: I get what you are saying now, not that my home brew will be filthy like cough mixture, but that I should just buy cough mixture and drink that instead of going to the effort of brewing my own. So far it would work out cheaper, but now I've started batch two my total costs bring the cider down to less than two pounds per pint. By the time I make the next 4.5 litre demijohn it'll be more like one fifty pound per pint. If I'm lucky enough to get a five gallon pressure barrel for christmas it will go down to 84 pence on the next batch, though if I factor the cost of the barrel in it will be 1.30. Even though I will get the barrel for free for christmas I still have the "opportunity cost", I could have got more socks and jumpers instead.

Not sure that is exactly the barrel I need for cider, but I will investigate and put the idea out there to our "secret santa" group.

Extrapolating further, if I can make an infinite amount of cider I think it will become free.
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