Things I learned about the White Hart (Hythe)

Things I learned about the White Hart (Hythe)

Looking for a place to go this weekend in Hythe so checked The White Hart website. I found out The pub was built during reign of Richard II in 1395, good grief can that be right??? No idea how much of the original building is there, very little I would guess. In 1475 it was registered under the title The Whyte Heart, now the White Hart Hotel. The present facade dates from the 17th Century.

More history:

In 1814, the Tsar of Russia and the Emperor of Prussia had lunch there whilst visiting the defences... and once again was the meeting place for preparation for another invasion with Montgomery and Eisenhower preparing for D-Day.

There is a 16th Century courtyard with an outside bar being planned for Summer 2011 along with food areas to eat Al Fresco. There is a 20 cover restaurant with original oak beams and 16th Century inglenook fireplace.

16th century fireplace, ahah so some of the interior is older than the current exterior. All this history has inspired me to visit again this weekend. And they do real ale too!

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Wed Mar 14 2012

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