Is it time to shut down the folkestone gerald?

Is it time to shut down the folkestone gerald?


For one I don't get much time to update it any more, but for another CAMRA have launched their own, and it's very good. Here's their page for Chambers, Folkestone, for example and here's my local that I rarely actually go in...

I think it needs some more work, for instance they need to rationalise it with their good beer guide book and phone app, there is some crossover there, but if they can do that it will become a worthy rival to And The Gerald of course...

I'm a CAMRA member, find out more at

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02 Oct 2012

Over to you, discussion about anything local, but please be considerate... Folkestone on TV, Kent gigs, find a flatmate, rent a room, news, what' new, local events, for sale, whatever... hmm this kinda slumped a bit didn't it? But it's still here after most of the other johnny-come-latelies gave up again! Folkestone Gerald was here before Folkestone was cool, and it'll still be here after! Probably. Email me if you want to do a deal, pauly @ this domain


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