The Darkness are coming back to Folkestone December 2013

The Darkness are coming back to Folkestone December 2013

Exciting stuff my sometime favourite band The Darkness are returning to the Leas Cliff Hall on the 8th December. Tickets probably on sale now!

Just Announced! East-Anglian rock-based-pop-music-band The Darkness are arriving at Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone, this December. Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of their legendary number one debut album Permission To Land - which featured the classics, Get Your Hands Off My Woman and I Believe In a Thing Called Love and garnered the band 3 Brit Awards - The Darkness will play the record in full alongside their hits from the subsequent two top ten albums One Way Ticket To Hell And Back and last years Hot Cakes.

Do you remember when they were my favourite ever thing, ever? They were like the [Nick Helm](/wiki/#nick/helm) of their day. Anyway, excited, I hope we can go.

UPDATE: we have tickets, see you there m/

They're also playing Portsmouth Pyramids on the Friday night, and in Brigh

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Thu Jun 13 2013

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