The "save Princes Parade" petition is up to 1000 signatures

The "save Princes Parade" petition is up to 1000 signatures

Dear Friends,

Just to let you know our petition has reached 1,000 signatures - thank you. Our on-line petition has just reached 500 and we have been busy street petitioning to collect another 500 in the old fashioned way! Well done and thank you for the support.

We are delivering the petition on the 23rd July 2013, at 4.00pm to the Civic Offices in Folkestone:

Shepway District Council, Civic Centre, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 2QY, you would be very welcome if you wish to attend.

If you cannot, you might like to email David Monk personally, tell him what you think and I set out below some of the core arguments:

The scheme that has been consulted on is financially un-viable can never be built. Building a school on a former rubbish dump is a clear health risk to children, as set out in SDC's engineer's report. The development will ruin the setting in which the Royal Military Canal exists and the environmental corridor it creates. There is no techinal solution to problems of rainwater attenuation on the site because of the high risk of flooding, all as set out in your engineer's report. The loss of habitat for insects, plants and birds can never be replaced. The Royal Military Canal is an Ancient Scheduled Monument and this scale of development so close by will put it at risk. The site is a protected open space It is the only significant area of open green space in Seabrook, It gives an excellent vista of the surrounding hills from the seafront, It provides a "buffer zone" between the sea and the Royal Military Canal It provides a "buffer zone" between Hythe & Folkestone It is an area of public amenity, It could be and excellent recreation space for locals and visitors, It is of historic importance because of the Royal Military Canal For SDC not to have carried out a financial viability study on the site before spending 75,000 of local people's money is frankly unbelievable, but if it is true, demonstrates a high level of incompetence. The consultation, which cost 75,000 of local people's money is completely undermined by our petition of over 1,000 people who have signed their names that they are against any development on the site. The planning inspector's report on SDC's core strategy recommends no additional major developments in Hythe

Thank you for signing the petition No Development on Prince's Parade, can you help spread the word by forwarding the link below to your friends?


Jim Martin

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Thu Jul 11 2013