Someone from Eastenders has opened a bar in Folkestone!

Someone from Eastenders has opened a bar in Folkestone!

I never get out any more, I heard this from the Folkestone Herald today! Stuart Antony who was Simon from Eastenders (no me neither, was he Bianca's brother? I don't recognise the face, are you sure you were in Eastenders mate?) is opening the bar in Rendezvous Street that you might know as Rockanrolla. Unlikely you would know it as that, because I don't think it was open very long. Previously it was Stones, Mango, um, Scruffy Murphy? something like that. Good luck to him anyway, it's going to be a mostly gay bar called Bar 24.

I'm trying to get a bit of London down here, a Soho vibe. We are hoping to attract a LGBT crowd

What's LGBT it's a type of sandwich isn't it?

Always exciting that there is a bar opening, rather than a bar closing, even if it's probably not my sort of place.

Looks like Simon from Eastenders as he styles himself previously had a pub in Bexleyheath, and another in Ash, in Kent where injured himself badly when a window fell on him. He was landlord of The Granville Arms in Rochester too, probably more to be found, these landlords do move about.

At two of those previous pubs he has said that "a few of the Eastenders lot want to come down" I've not seen that claim made about Folkestone yet though, and I'm not confident that he was actually an "eastenders star" I can find no mention of him or his character online apart from in his own [google=stuart antony eastenders]ex eastenders actor now works in pub[/google] stories. Are you actually an extra / background artiste Simon from Eastenders?

Don't be mixing up Bar 24 with Gate 28, ah they were some happy days weren't they?

I'm out in Folkestone on Saturday night, I think I will check it out! It has pole dancing. Hey yeah there are gay Polish people too.

I think I'll be doing that LGBT joke a few more times.

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Thu Aug 14 2014

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