Oh noes they are closing the A259 (Seabrook Road)

Oh noes they are closing the A259 (Seabrook Road)

The main road running from Sandgate to Hythe at the bottom of our road is going to be closed for a week! I think. We got a letter from KCC to say resurfacing work will start on 10th October 2013. Hmm yeah even if we let that one go, and they really meant 2014 the rest of the letter is still hard to understand:

The resurfacing work will start on 10th October 2013 and shoudl take 7 nights (excluding the weekends) to complete between the hours of 19.00 and 02.00.

What does this mean? They will be working during these hours? The road will be closed during these hours? Or they will be working constantly throughout the day and up to at least 7pm and sometimes 2am every night? It's not clear to me. It would be madness to only work during those hours and keep the road closed permanently. It would sort of make sense to only close the road at night (it's the main bus route) but I suppose it will be shut permanently. You wouldn't want to live in one of those houses

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Fri Sep 26 2014

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