Zero star and one star for hygiene at local venues

Zero star and one star for hygiene at local venues

Clare is wishing she had not found this article about food hygiene standards locally... I had decided to stop eating at a certain Chinese takeway locally as I saw they had scored three out of five, but LAWKS-A-LAWDY look at how many places get zero stars or one star! Lots of places we have been to and like, including Cheriton Balti, Thailand Tom and Terracotta! There's more to it than just "count the number of bugs", it's a complex process including managerial competence and venue layout and things apparently. I will do more digging and post more details when I have some time.

Good to hear that my top favourite (that I never find time to visit any more) Chambers scores the max five out of five! I used to think that everyone basically got five stars until I saw a three out of five in someone's window but now I know the truth...

I'm going to integrate those ratings and logos with The Folkestone Gerald as it looks quite easy to do, but until I get round to that Why not search for your favourites here...

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Fri Nov 14 2014

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