So that explains why the Providence is now closed

So that explains why the Providence is now closed

Time really does fly between the opportunities I get to leave the house and go to the pub. Went through Sandgate the other night and noticed The Providence was closed. I remember it being up for sale, the long term landlord John Latchford was retiring or something, could no longer make a go of the pub. The sale seems to have happened in September 2013, so eighteen months ago!

The Providence was bought by Billy Nutt with all sorts of showbiz connections, oh yes he was going to bring his friends from Eastenders down, as also claimed by another pub operator in the area. Billy Nutt did indeed deliver though, or at least formalise the arrangement, I remember seeing an evening with "Charlie from Eastenders" advertised.

Billy Nutt has now been jailed for indecently assaulting a four year old boy. None of his showbiz friends were available to keep the bar open.

I wonder if it will recover? It's always struggled in comparisons with The Ship just a few doors down...

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Sat Mar 21 2015

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