Best thing I saw at Edinburgh Fringe: LetLuce in "Sea Men (A Naval Tale)"

Best thing I saw at Edinburgh Fringe: LetLuce in "Sea Men (A Naval Tale)"

This show was amazing. Not sure how I heard about this one or came to find it, might have been on a list somewhere. Or I might have been searching the listings for Mighty Boosh and found these compared to them. Might just have been prowling the listings of The Caves because I loved that venue last time. Anyway, find it we did.

I said to Clare before the show that I had a good feeling about this one and good grief was that right. It's a very very funny show about a sea captain who catches a giant fish, they get talking and discover they're both heading to the same place. The mysterious River Island each for their own reasons. We meet other characters on the way, played by the same two. Little bit of audience participation too, but just so funny. I cried because I was laughing, and then found that when I stopped laughing I was still crying, because I loved it so much. The characters are great, the timing excellent, I loved everything about this.

Here's a sneaky picture from inside the show, taken from my seat, without the flash so as not to be annoying, glad it came out ok. Not sure it's normally ok to do this but I loved it so much I really wanted a souvenir of the show.

I did get a sticker too, but I think I cried on it, and now I bet it's gone through the washing machine.

I got a picture after the show too, like a twat. The fish had changed out of her costume but the captain was still partly in character:

No idea how to see Let Luce next, I expect the next time will be on TV.

Off to to rate them there and find out what other people are saying. They're on the twitter but it's all emoticons, don't judge them on that. Their website:

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Mon Aug 17 2015

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