Raj Bari / Raj Villa / Spice Cottage is closed


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Raj Bari / Raj Villa / Spice Cottage is closed

The curry house at the bottom of our road is gone. We didn't use it very often, they were pretty unreliable with takeaway, though was good when I ate in once. A friend was there at Christmas, so it was open then. I noticed the signage was changing again, thought it was changing names back. It's been Raj Bari and Raj Villa and then Spice Cottage (plus of course Little Chef a long time ago). But no, just looks closed now.

No planning notices up yet, but it would be a prime spot to throw a few nice flats up. Would actually impinge on our view if they were high enough, I don't fancy that much! Should be another restaurant, a nice one that made use of the sea view they have.

Will report back if I spot anything.
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