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Anyone know of a Folkestone venue in the '80s called Peter Pipers?

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Guessing it's just Pipers...

@FenlandGent said on twitter:

@FenlandGent Best thing I've found in that NME back issue. - on the evening of 24/5/84 Black Flag & HUSKER DU played at "Peter Pipers" in Folkestone

I'm guessing it's a previous name for Pipers but anyone know for sure? I got in touch with @FenlandGent but they had no idea, they were just pleased to see a mention of their favourite bands playing a double bill like that in an old NME.

Anyone out there gigging in the 1980s who might have been at this gig?

It's nice to have a bit more Folkestone gig history anyway.
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I was searching for an advert for this gig and came across this post of yours from 2010. I was at this gig with a bunch of mates and have some photo's

We used to frequent Piper's a lot in the eighties and saw a lot of good bands there. All the best. Terry
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Wow Terry Davey if you're out there please email me

Would love to see the photos of the Black Flag / Husker Du gig, and any other details or tickets you could share.
Email fg AT this domain please.
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