Googled 'John Eveleigh Folkestone School of Art' and then clicked this interesting link. I was a Prelim and Pre-Dip student at Folkestone School of Ar (#25107)


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Got an email about the School of Art

From Eamon Everall no less:

Hi, you ask for info on Folkestone School of Art , I went there from 1966 to 1967. When i went it was where the multi story car park opposite the junction of [gmap]Alexandra Gardens & Middleburg Square[/gmap], now is. More or less opposite was Gales Cafe & a huge ramshackle pub , now gone. Essentially it was a Foundation (pre-18) Art School preparing students for higher level courses elsewhere although there were also a few local vocational courses in applied arts subject like Graphics, etc. Housed in an odd mix of buildings from a victorian chapel to a georgain town house it was a very lively place which attracted students from across Kent-not too popular with the powers that be tho., due to the Bohemian nature of the students. When I was there the Principal was Gerald Norden a nice old bloke & pretty good painter with a national reputation, he was succeeded by John Everleigh who, tho elderly, is still around & living in the Folkestone area.

Any information like this about any parts of Folkestone that we no longer have are very much appreciated.
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Got another email about the School of Art from Tessa Mac

Tessa MacDonald
19 Oct (4 days ago)

to webmaster
I saw the messages about how people went to Folkestone School Of Art and I would love to catch up with anyone of the time of Gaffney Zannetti Sweetland enoch and co.

Tessa asked me to pass on her contact details.
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RE: Got an email about the School of Art

Folkestone School of Art was a fine place to be. I was there from 69-71, when it finally closed down. Gerald Norden a technically very gifted painter was the Principal. Died 2002 I think and was a friend of the late John Ward. David Koster who I believe is still alive, lives in Folkestone, a massively gifted printmaker and Founding member of the Society of Wildlife Artists. Also teaching at the time was Ray Terry, John Eveleigh, the late Ken Back and the late Corinne Roberts-Jones, who married whilst teaching at the Art School (daughter of the famous Sculptor Ivor Roberts Jones) The pottery dept was run by Peter Thomas and the Photography dept was run by John Fitzgerald who went on to be Head of Photography at Bournemouth College of Art, my landlord and a thoroughly decent bloke. He was assisted by the engaging Mr Joe O'Brien. The School of Art was directly opposite the Police Station-Gales Cafe and I think it was the Gun Tavern. Pink Fairies played there as did Hawkwind and the semi resident Electric Robin. My memory tells me that the door takings for the Hawkwind gig were indeed taken! David Lentern was the librarian and a mean jazz style drummer. Looking back it is fair to say that Art students were not exactly welcome due to alleged abuse of recreational drugs, notably LSD and Mescaline, these items were allegedly often hidden in the library for later and frequent use and abuse. The music scene was in retrospect wonderful with Tofts, The Sundowner, and the Leas Cliff Hall all headlining top name bands along with a band that were regulars at Tofts called the Perishers. I saw Hendrix appearing I think at the Sundowner, Tull, Quo, Canned Heat, John Mayall and Derek and the Dominos and hundreds more at Tofts. And too many bands to mention at the Leas Cliff Hall. Another favoured place was the Acropolis (Archies) down the old High Street, they served a mean Rhum ba-ba and had a great selection on the Juke Box. I find it difficult to visualise the area now as so much has gone, usually buried under tons of concrete!

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Googled 'John Eveleigh Folkestone School of Art' and then clicked this interesting link. I was a Prelim and Pre-Dip student at Folkestone School of Ar

as, and is, brilliant (I understand he's still alive - I certainly hope so). I have many happy memories of my time at Folkestone - far too many to list here. Very sad when I heard that the building had been replaced by a car park.
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RE: Got an email about the School of Art

hello peeps,i was at folkestone school or art 69/71 graphic design,don judd,john dyke,the horrible graham hudson.the first year incorporated tuition from ken back and corinne jones.they taught me so much.finding some succes as a painter at the moment,peeps tell me im famous.there was a lot of dope and stuff around at the time and yung peeps will experiment.anyone remember neil davies,he did ceramics.i have heard he died,i did track down john lucas.the lovely lorna winslow no trace,the voluptuous penny, no trace,duncan monroe no trace,he owes me dosh. found your site by accident.brings back memories. yours t.summerfield.
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An email from Lorna Winslow

I just happen to stumble upon this page while searching for something else. I was at Folkestone School of art the same time as you doing the Graphic course. My name is now Llewellyn, not Winslow. I remember John Dyke, John Lucus, Duncan, Ruth, a short guy called Tony, Desmond who I did bump into in London working near Smithfield Market, but we never got around to meeting up also Graham (think that was his name), a tall guy slightly older than the rest of us. Do you remember Sue, I am in contact with her and thats about all. What about John Parson's who taught us one day a week he was always drunk and had greasy hair, he would walk out of the class carrying a large bag and have a swig of something or other on the stairs.

It seems like a lifetime ago now!
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RE: An email from Lorna Winslow

hello lorna, its trevor summerfield from deal,amazing that you have surfaced on this site,i still live in deal,divorced ,3 kids,been living with my girlfiend for fifteen years, took over my fathers business, my son and i work together,should retire next year,dont know if i will though. how are you? still skinny? still hendrix hair? is it ok. to tell lucas that you have appeared? do you stil work? noticed your name in the credits for some saucy mag. about ten much has happened since F.S.A.i hope you are well. iam now a master of watercolour, i think my watercolours are crap. yours trevor summerfield
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RE: An email from Lorna Winslow

Hi Trevour
Nice to hear back from you and yes I am very well and still have a pulse, thank you!
Were we all in the same graphics group? think you might be in an old picture of our group that Sue sent to me the other day, (don't know how I could forward it to you on this site though). I am married with 2 beautiful girls, one 24 and the other nearly 22. My husband and myself did have a design company for many years but don't do much now, I feel rather fed up with graphics, did start to do sculpture and body casting which I love but its quite messy and difficult to do without having a workshop at the moment.
Still very skinny, love fashion but have lost the hendrix look. Say hello to John Lucas if you are in contact with him.
All the best. Lorna
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RE: An email from Lorna Winslow

hello lorna, john says hello, he hasnt got an internet connection, i keep telling him to get online. hes always on about lack money, he was running an ad agency some years back, then the owners shut down without any warning. i think hes stuggled since. i dont think you can quite plce me,i was in the year behind you downstairs, used kmock around with duncan sometimes, he used to get waccy baccy,i dont even smoke now, you my remember little trev with glasses,well thats me, a little older than you. used to be in the nayvee, i have a reunion next weekend for shipmates from the "queen of bermuda" trouble is everybody has aged and looks different now. ishould be showing at one or two of the art society shows at the mall galleries later in the year. i have a feeling you live up town some where, i my even get to see you, if you wish.sincerely TREVOR.
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RE: An email from Lorna Winslow

Hi Trevor
Thanks for your message, this isn't a sight i would usually go on so it would be better to take your email address really. Yes I do remember you and I am sure its you in this picture that sue sent me a short while ago. How did your reunion go with your old ship mates? It must be odd to meet up again as you sort of expect them to look the same.
Thats impressive having your work at the Mall Gallery, do you manage to sell many?
No I don't live in London anymore, we moved to Sussex, near Haywards Heath, about 18 years ago, so I don't go to London too often now.

Best Wishes
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RE: An email from Lorna Winslow

hello lorna,tried twitter, couldnt get on with it, so here is my e.mail address, if its used by undesirables i can change hope you are well,look forward to hearing from you.trevor
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RE: An email from Lorna Winslow

hello lorna, nice to hear from you,i cant figure out a way to send my email address to you without the rest of the world seeing it. no doubt there is one.perhaps if i post my mobile no.maybe paul clarke can help. the site owner.ill give it a few days and see if he comes up with something! im really busy trying to earn some dosh with my son . also develope my watercolours, as in move up a peg or two in content. i did two in the winter a couple of years back, the arts council suggested it could be a stong vein of work. i can do it. an oil painting to finish as well. i paint for me, but over the years i have sold quite a few but never made much wonga out of it. top price about 400 squid.i hope you and yours are well. my eldest girl has been ill but shes going back to work next week. some of the folkestone crowd have passed on. very sad hrd to believe. enough for now. sincerely yours trevor.
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opposite where the police station is now?

Thanks for sharing your memories.
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