Rodney Hylton-Potts

Rodney Hylton-Potts

Bumped into independent right wing game show winning candidate Rodney Hylton-Potts on Saturday night, or rather he started SPOUTING in the restaurant we were in. First clue something was going on were shouts of "castrate paedophiles" - hard to argue with, but not what you expect when you're having dinner. Next he came over to us, offering to legalise cannabis, but when we asked why he was standing somewhere he didn't live and about the deal he's done with the BNP (they'll not field a candidate in his area, and he'll urge his supporters in other areas to vote for them), he slowed right down. We'd had quite a lot of wine, but he definitely said we should vote for Lib Dem Peter Carrol instead and laughed about splitting the right wing vote. So, who knows WHAT'S going on. The deal with the BNP is on their website, will he not be in trouble for this? Can't figure the guy out...

The Guardian's had to print this correction, but it's not for suggesting he's a racist, but for suggesting one of the judges on Vote For Me liked him.

Quite a nice meal, despite the interruption. My food was a bit bland, but that's a vegan tradition, everyone elses was nice. Proper review on the way.

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Mon Apr 18 2005

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